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Giants-Redskins Final Score: Post-game locker room reaction

Odell Beckham and DeSean Jackson exchange jerseys following Sunday's game
Odell Beckham and DeSean Jackson exchange jerseys following Sunday's game
Al Bello/Getty Images

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- If you guessed that the primary topics of conversation after Sunday's 24-13 victory by the New York Giants over the Washington Redskins were the spectacular performance by Odell Beckham and the game-altering touchdown-turned-fumble at the end of the first half, you would be right. Here is some of what was being said after the game.

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie on the RGIII fumble at the end of the half:

"I thought it was good, to be honest. To have it taken off was definitely a relief and now you go in just 10-7 and not (17)-7. Then coming out, getting the onside kick, they get the penalty, we make it, swing three points that way, you just go from there."

DRC on running down Andre Roberts from behind, preventing a touchdown on a 61-yard catch and run. The Redskins settled for a field goal:

"I played with him at Arizona. I know his speed. I definitely thought he was going, but the more I kept running, I realized I had a chance."

Jason Pierre-Paul on knocking the ball loose from Griffin at the end of the half:

"I was just making a tackle. I was just trying to prevent him from getting in the end zone. I didn't even know I knocked the ball out. I was just trying to not let him score a touchdown and I guess I knocked the ball out there. But I was just being a football player."

Antrel Rolle on Griffin's fumble:

"It definitely helped us out, that's for sure. They got a good play on us going into halftime. Unfortunately he couldn't hang on to the ball, which is a plus in our eyes. We were able to capitalize on it coming out and getting the onside kick, which was a phenomenal call, by the way. Defense was playing resilient and offense was doing what they're doing."

Rolle on Odell Beckham:

"Nothing this guy does amazes me at this point. He's a phenomenal talent and more importantly, I think he has the attitude and passion that this game deserves and that this team needs. He tries to go out there and be the best of the best each and every time on the field. He has a lot of goals in mind and he's trying to reach them."

RGIII on the touchdown-turned-fumble:

"We shouldn't have let that play alter the game for us but, ultimately, it did. It was a touchdown. That's how we all felt - everybody in that locker room, coaches included. I don't understand. If the ball passes the plane and you have control of the ball, it's a touchdown in every game that I've ever seen, but they decided that it wasn't today. It was unfortunate but that is all I can really say."