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Report: Tom Coughlin wants to coach New York Giants next year

This sounds like something we already knew.

Tom Coughlin
Tom Coughlin
Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

This really should not come as a shock to anyone, but NFL insider Ian Rapoport reported Sunday morning that Tom Coughlin wants to coach the New York Giants next season, and that how the rest of the season plays out could impact whether or not that happens.

"I'm told by sources close to Coughlin that he does want to coach next year, he feels young, he feels healthy," Rapoport said. "He would like to be the coach of the Giants next year, and there's no guarantee that the Giants will make a coaching change, despite what everyone thinks. Some will hinge on how this team does finish down the stretch. Remember this is a very patient organization."

Really, that means nothing has chances in the past few weeks. Coughlin has a year left on his contract and all indications are that he still has the energy and desire to coach. It is still anybody's guess as to whether or not the organization will allow that to happen.