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Redskins remind us that following the Giants isn't so terrible

The Giants will eventually get it right, even if it takes time.

Dan Snyder
Dan Snyder
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week, 'Raptor' wrote that the Washington Redskins provide the other 31 NFL franchises with "An excellent example of what not to do."

So true. With your New York Giants hosting those Redskins today at MetLife Stadium the Redskins that provides a reminder of something else. Despite the struggles of the last two seasons, things aren't so terrible if you're a Giants fan.

Just look at the Redskins. The outcome of today's game doesn't even really matter, unless you really care that much about the difference between third or fourth place in the NFC East. Win or lose today, the Giants are in better shape than the Redskins.

The Giants know who their quarterback is. They have a young nucleus of players beginning to show signs of a promising future. They have a smart, stable ownership group that has gotten it right in the past. Argue about what they should do this off-season, but know that John Mara, Steve Tisch and Co. have gotten it right far more often in the past than most organizations. They will get it right again.

When has Redskins owner Dan Snyder ever gotten it right? Why would a Redskins fan have any confidence he and the Redskins will ever really get it right. Same with the New York Jets and Woody Johnson. They haven't gotten it right in 40 years. Even if the Jets fire coach Rex Ryan and general manager John Idzik, history says they will still get it wrong.

Would you like to be a Chicago Bears fan these days? How about the Tennessee Titans or Jacksonville Jaguars? Shoot, the Dallas Cowboys are having a nice year. You just know, however, that no matter what happens for the Cowboys this year Jerry Jones will get itchy and somehow manage to eventually cause the Cowboys to implode.

You could be a fan of the bumbling Oakland Raiders. Or the perennial doormat Tampa Bay Buccaneers. What do their fans have to really feel good about? Not much.

Following the Giants can be a wild, maddening ride. Just when you think they are on the cusp of being really good they find a way to come up short. Then, however, when you don't think it's possible they sneak up and so something magical.

No one can predict if that magic will return next season. Or, if the Giants will at some point have to tear everything down and undergo a longer-term re-construction.

If you are a Giants fan you can be secure in the knowledge that the Giants have shown in the past that they can get it right. They will get it right again in the future, even if waiting for that time requires a little patience. That knowledge is more than many fan bases have to hang onto.