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Tom Quinn: Sideline incident with Steve Weatherford 'unfortunate'

Quinn had some explaining to do Thursday when he met with reporters.

Giants special teams coach Tom Quinn
Giants special teams coach Tom Quinn
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

New York Giants special teams coordinator Tom Quinn said Thursday that the sideline incident between him and punter Steve Weatherford during Sunday's game vs. the Tennessee Titans was "unfortunate" and one that "we both wish we could have back."

Quinn said he regretted putting his hands on Weatherford.

"We are fiery, we’re competitive, and it escalated way too far," Quinn said. "I’ve got too much respect for the game and this organization and our head coach to have something like put out there. We apologized, we were good the next punt."

Quinn said that both he and Weatherford were frustrated with a 61-yard Weatherford punt that bounded into the end zone for a touchback. He said he was "just going to make a coaching point" when he approached the punter.

"You try to catch him and get it done," Quinn said. "It is unfortunate, but we are good."

Quinn and head coach Tom Coughlin did discuss the incident, with Quinn saying only "we're good."