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NFL 2015 salary cap projected to rise, New York Giants estimated to have about $17 million in cap space

Numbers are very preliminary, but the Giants have some room to manuever.

Antrel Rolle
Antrel Rolle
Al Bello/Getty Images

According to projections made public on Thursday, the 2015 NFL salary cap is projected to be between $138.6 and $141.8 million. That would be up from $133 million this year. It could be higher than that depending on league revenues. Estimating the cap at $140 million, the New York Giants would be $17.3 million under the cap without any adjustments.

Team Cap Space
Oakland Raiders $53,351,162
Jacksonville Jaguars $43,542,172
New York Jets $41,415,680
Cleveland Browns $38,181,890
Seattle Seahawks $34,391,030
Tennessee Titans $33,296,652
Indianapolis Colts $31,724,674
Denver Broncos $31,113,668
Tampa Bay Buccaneers $31,093,495
Chicago Bears $30,970,313
Cincinnati Bengals $29,940,910
Atlanta Falcons $26,836,029
San Diego Chargers $26,223,487
Green Bay Packers $17,784,036
Buffalo Bills $17,365,927
New York Giants $17,343,332
Detroit Lions $16,962,243
Washington $15,759,322
Houston Texans $11,072,218
Carolina Panthers $10,815,777
Minnesota Vikings $9,852,564
St. Louis Rams $5,395,253
Philadelphia Eagles $4,508,844
Pittsburgh Steelers $4,425,765
Baltimore Ravens $3,295,483
Dallas Cowboys $2,297,645
Kansas City Chiefs $1,745,325
New England Patriots $1,589,619
Miami Dolphins -$2,611,177
San Francisco 49ers -$9,087,358
Arizona Cardinals -$9,843,495
New Orleans Saints -$20,010,991

The Giants have critical decisions to make with some key players who can be free agents, most notably Jason Pierre-Paul and Antrel Rolle.

They could clear cap space by cutting players like Mathias Kiwanuka ($4.825 million), Jon Beason ($3.53 million), Jameel McClain ($2.625 million) and J.D. Walton ($2.5 million) and Cullen Jenkins ($2.25 million).

The Giants also could save cap space by giving quarterback Eli Manning, who carries a $17.5 million cap hit next season, an extension that would lower his base salary.