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Giants Morning Report: More about Eli's 'injury'

New York Giants headlines for Thursday, 12/11.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, New York Giants fans! Here is your Giants Morning Report for this Thursday, two weeks before Christmas.

More About Eli's 'Injury'

Quarterback Eli Manning was on the Giants injury report Wednesday with what was listed as a back problem. Manning, though, practiced fully and told reporters afterwards that he wasn't injured.

So, how did he allegedly hurt himself, anyway?

"It wasn't a hit," he said. "I feel good. It wasn't a play or anything; I wouldn't worry too much about it. I'm not."

Manning will make his 176th straight start (including post-season games) Sunday vs. the Washington Redskins.

"I want to be there for my teammates, I want to be there for the organization," Manning said. "We have a lot of guys who are banged up and hurting, they are there practicing, they are there playing on Sundays, and I want to do the same for them, always. You definitely want to be there for your teammates to show that you are committed and you are doing whatever you can to be out there on the field for them."

Rashad Jennings Excited For 'Little Brother'

With Rashad Jennings limited by an ankle injury last Sunday, Andre Williams had his first career 100-yard rushing game. The veteran Jennings might have been happier than anyone to see that happen."Man, I'm so excited. You have no idea. Before the game I was telling him, ‘This is a good opportunity, it's going to be a breakout game.' It's good to see him get that confidence, not necessarily to prove it to us, but to prove it to himself," Jennings said. "Obviously I'm going to be on him. He's still on himself. He's still got a lot, a lot, a lot of room to improve and grow but it's good to see my little brother kind of get a taste of his first 100-yard game.

"He's starting to slow the game down a bit. Finishing his runs like he's always done. I was happy to see him catch the ball out of the backfield a little bit more, so all around he's just growing and becoming a complete back."