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Pro Football Focus Review: Giants vs. Jaguars

Let's take a closer look at the latest laugher through the lens of Pro Football Focus

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There were, surprisingly, some good things to be taken away from this game. Of course, the overarching matter was that the New York Giants have just lost their seventh straight game to the lowly 1-10 (well, now 2-10) Jacksonville Jaguars.

We knew the season was over before this game. At the very least, we see some players emerging. No snark or salt from me this time. I'm trying to look at the bright side here!

I Only Played 15 Snaps, But I Played Them Like A Boss (Offensive MVP)

Henry Hynoski (+2.4) - That's right, he played only 15 snaps but he made them all count. In the early going, at least, Hynoski was blowing up holes for Rashad Jennings to run through. I thought I had seen him miss a key block on one run, but other than that, I agree with PFF's assessment. He played quite well.

You Have Nothing To Fear (Offensive Contributor)

Will Beatty (+2.1) - To the surprise (and probably disagreement) of many, Beatty had yet another good game. He allowed only three hurries on the day and he was a big reason for the run game succeeding going to the left. With each passing week, it seems like 2013 was the anomaly for him, not the other way around. It's why I simply don't understand calls for moving Beatty to the right side or worse, just replacing him altogether. His overall +12.5 grade on the season places him ninth among ALL tackles, left or right, in the league.

The Repulsive Right Side Replacements (Offensive GOATS)

J.D Walton (-5.9)

John Jerry (-4.9)

James Brewer (-3.2)

Dallas Reynolds (-2.6)

I'm putting all of these guys together because as a unit, once Geoff Schwartz (who had a positive PFF grade and was perfect in pass protection) went down, it became a complete and utter massacre. Together, these four guys played a total of 108 pass blocking snaps combined and allowed three QB sacks, a QB hit, and nine QB hurries. Walton was the biggest culprit but it went to show just how awful all were. Even worse, Walton and Jerry combined for a -7.5 run blocking grade, which at this point, should not be a surprise to anyone. I know Justin Pugh has been inconsistent, but anybody really want to disagree with the point that had Schwartz and Pugh been healthy for the game, the Giants win easily?

Other Guys Who Stunk Up The Place (Offensive Villains)

Larry Donnell (-2.0) - It's the same story with him. Fumbles and poor run blocking. There isn't much mystery to him. Great route runner, really soft hands, will make the occasional "wow" catch, but can't run block and can't protect the football.

Preston Parker (-1.8) - A drop to go along with a line of 3 targets, 2 catches for 6 yards and a TD. Not exactly all that inspiring.

Eli Manning (-1.4) - Eli's big hit came from his play under pressure. In 12 drop backs where he was pressured, he was sacked 4 times and he completed 4 passes for 6 yards on 8 attempts. That gave him a -4.0 rating. He was able to recover a lot of that negative score by picking apart the Jacksonville secondary when not under pressure.

The Future Is 6-Foot-3, 250 pounds And Angry (Defensive MVP)

Devon Kennard (+2.9) - He was everywhere. Be it the two sacks that he had, the fact that he actually played contain, the fact that he was not targeted at all in the passing game, or the tackles for loss that he made on Denard Robinson, there's little he did wrong in the way of being the best player on the field. He played with a ferocity not seen since Jon Beason was actually healthy mid-way through last year.

The Front Seven Dominates...Yes, Dominates (Defensive Contributors)

Johnathan Hankins (+2.2) - Nobody got anything in between the tackles when Big Hank was in there. His run defense was tied for the best on the team along with Jameel McClain. He also didn't disappoint with another QB sack and a QB hurry in his 26 pass rush snaps. His overall grade of +21.5 places him 6th among all interior defensive linemen.

Jameel McClain (+2.1) - Surprise! I'm as shocked as you are to see McClain among the top players in this game, but I suppose I shouldn't be. It wasn't the middle of the defense that was the problem, it was the edges. He recorded five defensive stops, most of any player on the team. Getting a sack on a blitz certainly doesn't hurt, either.

Kerry Wynn (+2.1) - Welcome, young one. He only played 23 snaps, but of those 23 he moved around from LDE to LDT and played at a very high level. He nailed a sack and a hurry on 16 pass rushes and scored a +1.3 in run defense in only seven snaps. I'm anxious to see him play more.

Antrel Rolle (+1.6) - Almost all of his positive grade was due to his pass coverage where he allowed 4 catches on 4 targets but didn't really allow any of those catches to go anywhere or do anything meaningful. He was always in good position and didn't allow any first downs.

Jason Pierre-Paul (+1.1) - He didn't defend the read-option all that well but he still scored high marks for his run defense. His pass rush still left something to be desired but it wasn't all that bad, notching one sack and two QB hurries.

A Familiar Refrain (Defensive GOAT)

Markus Kuhn (-2.8) - Is he the new Mathias Kiwanuka? Kuhn has notched exactly one positive PFF grade all year and his overall score of -15.2 puts him 77th out of 78 qualifying defensive tackles. I think that's bad. He was blanked again when it came to forcing QB pressure and really didn't do anything to help in the run game.

Some Unusual Names (Defensive Villains)

Chykie Brown (-2.5) - The newcomer struggled with Jaguar wide receivers Marqise Lee and Cecil Shorts II. Overall he allowed five catches on 8 targets for 41 yards and missed a few tackles, which explains his poor grade. Didn't do anything to stand out as a run defender to help his grade out, either.

Robert Ayers (-1.8) - This one I think will change because I don't get it. He scored mostly negative for his pass rush, yet PFF has him down for five QB hurries on 26 pass rush snaps. He has a torn pectoral muscle which will end his season as one of the few bright spots on this defense. He ends his first season in New York with a final grade of +17.6 (4th in the league) and atop the NFL in pass rush productivity as a 4-3 DE nailing 46 pressures on only 235 total pass rush snaps.

Spencer Paysinger (-1.1) - No surprise here as his run defense comes under fire. A lot of the successful runs that the Jaguars made came from Paysinger's side. Therefore he makes his second straight appearance as a defensive villain.

Bonus Stats!

I know all of you are wondering where Odell Beckham and Damontre Moore are. As far as Beckham goes, he scored a +0.9, with a receiving score of +1.1. Unfortunately, he had slightly mediocre run grades that pushed him down and out of the "green" zone.

As for Damontre Moore, he had an overall grade of +0.7, including a great pass rush grade of +1.8 as he had a QB hit, a hurry and two batted passes. Unfortunately, he scored terribly in the "penalty" department and that brought his grade down below the "green" zone due to his encroachment during a key part of the game.