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Giants Morning Report: Tom Coughlin 'absolutely' wants to continue coaching

New York Giants headlines for Monday, 12/1.

Tom Coughlin during Sunday's game
Tom Coughlin during Sunday's game
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

If the New York Giants want to move on from the Tom Coughlin era, it certainly doesn't sound as if the 68-year-old head coach is going to make it easy on an organization that loves him. After the embarrassment of Sunday's 25-24 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Giants' seventh straight, Coughlin told Steve Serby of the New York Post that he "absolutely" wants to continue coaching.

That may change if the losing continues, but right now it seems Coughlin isn't in a retiring frame of mind. He referred to himself last week as "a young guy" despite having coached in 300 NFL games.

Despite the losing, it sounds as if Coughlin still feels the way he did at the end of last season, when he said this:

"I've always been a coach. My feelings are exactly the same as they always have been. ... I've always had the energy and the drive and the determination ... I'm just a young guy in this business. Everybody wants to know what's next for me. I hope it's coaching the New York Giants."

Pushing Coughlin out the door is the one scenario the Giants have hoped to avoid. They might, however, not be able to avoid it.

It's All About Coughlin

Conor Orr of wonders this morning if a switch at defensive coordinator is enough to "pacify" the frustrated fan base.

Ralph Vacchiano of the Daily News says that is is "nearly impossible" to find people in the Giants organization who want to part ways with Coughlin, but that "they may no longer have a choice."

Newsday's Bob Glauber said Sunday's loss "might be the game that convinces Giants ownership that it is time for a change."

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