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Giants at Seahawks predictions: No one is picking the Giants

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

We know that most of your Big Blue View staff believes the New York Giants will fall today when they face the Seattle Seahawks. What do writers across the country think? Let's take a quick at Giants-Seahawks predictions from across the country.'s Elliot Harrison thinks the Giants will keep it close, but fall, 24-20.

Don Banks of picks the Seahawks, 31-17, and uses the platform to declare that it is time for Tom Coughlin to step away on his own:

The Giants are headed for a non-playoff season for the fifth time in six years, and the time is right for Coughlin to declare his tenure a success and leave on his own terms. Not that I think he'll make that choice. But he should.

All nine CBS Sports analysts pick the Seahawks.

It also a clean sweep for the Seahawks amongst five analysts at FOX Sports.

USA Today's seven analysts are all going with Seattle.

Over at ESPN, it's a 14-0 vote for the Seahawks.

Vinnie Iyer of The Sporting News picks the Seahawks. He summarizes the Giants by saying they have "a dysfunctional offense and a defense that can no longer stop anything."

Finally, Pro Football Talk is also taking the Seahawks.

Looks like our man 'Rap,' the only BBV staffer to pick the Giants to win, is out there on an island all by his lonely old self.