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Giants at Seahawks 2014: Big Blue View Staff Picks

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BBV staff members offer their picks for Sunday's Giants-Seahawks outcome.

Pete Carroll
Pete Carroll
Otto Greule Jr

What will happen Sunday afternoon when the New York Giants face the Seattle Seahawks at CenturyLink Field? Here are this week's predictions from your Big Blue View staff members. The Giants are a 10-point underdog.

Valentine's View

I find myself in pretty much the place I was last week when picking the Giants to lose to the Indianapolis Colts. I believe the Giants CAN win in Seattle. I would like to see the Giants win in Seattle. There is just no way I can actually pick them to win in Seattle.

We have been over this before. They are 0-5 this season against teams with winning records. They actually haven't beaten a winning team with its starting quarterback since the middle of the 2012 season. They are flying cross country on a short week. There has to be some tension in the locker room after this week's comments by Antrel Rolle and Jason Pierre-Paul, and maybe some sense of resignation that they are likely headed to another playoff-less season.

Yet, this Seattle team is 5-3 and not the same juggernaut right now that won the Super Bowl a season ago. The Seahawks had to fight to the end a week ago to beat the winless Oakland Raiders at home. The Giants are struggling, but they are way better than the Raiders. Thus, you have to believe that if Tom Coughlin can somehow pull them together -- Band-Aids, duct tape, Elmer's Glue, hypnosis, whatever it takes -- that they have a chance.

There is just no way to feel good enough to actually predict that they WILL win.

Pick: Seahawks


Can the Giants roll into Seattle and overcome one of the most tremendous home field advantages in the NFL to beat the reigning Super Bowl champions? I have no idea.

But I do know that they need to if they want to have any hope of resurrecting their season.

Working against the Giants is the onslaught of injuries shredding their depth chart and the Giants frustrating tendency to shoot themselves in the face with mental errors.

Working in the Giants' favor is that these are not the Seahawks that looked unbeatable as they won the championship last year. Gone from their offense are Golden Tate and Percy Harvin -- we pause as Tom Quinn breathes a massive sigh of relief. As well, their defense hasn't been the dominant force that it was last year. And while they are healthier than the Giants, Seattle could be missing middle linebacker Bobby Wagner, outside linebacker Malcolm Smith, and corner back Byron Maxwell from their defense.

On offense the Seahawks are fielding a patchwork offensive line that sees a number of players either just coming back from -- or playing through -- injuries. They will also be without their best tight end in Zach Miller, and wide receiver Doug Baldwin is questionable.

If Perry Fewell can unleash the kind of defense he did against Indianapolis, and the offense can get the ball into Beckham's hands enough to loosen up the defense for the other players... They might just have a chance.

Winner: Giants, because they have to.

Jesse Bartolis

(From Jesse's Week 10 picks against the point spread)

We all know the Giants are terrible. They are traveling cross country for another showcase game (Fox Game of the Week) so a stinker is definitely possible. But I actually feel good about this one. I wouldn't say good enough for the Giants to win, but I would say good enough that the Giants can stay within 9.5 points. The other big reason I like the Giants here is that one they got blown out 23-0 last year to the Seahawks last year and you'd have to hope they play better this time. But, more importantly the Seahawks have 10 guys on the injury report as "Did Not Practice" or "out" (Bobby Wagner and Zach Miller). Most of the Did Not Practice guys will play, but they are beat up ... beat up enough for the Giants to stay within 9.5

Pick: Giants with the upset! No, not really. Giants cover the spread, but also improve their draft position.


As I said before, the Giants frustrate me. I believe that they will continue to frustrate me. Amid rumors of locker room divisiveness, they now travel to the most difficult place to play in the NFL. I have no reason to believe the Giants win. As Ed pointed out, the Giants really have no advantages on either side. Unless some reversal of fortune occurs, this is going to be a blowout.

Pick: Seahawks 41, Giants 24

The Picks

Ed: Seahawks
Raptor: Giants
Jesse: Seahawks
Invictus: Seahawks