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Miracle in the Meadowlands? History, odds are against it

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Playoffs? Forget that. Giants focused on just trying to get better.

The Giants know they have already fumbled away their playoff chances this season
The Giants know they have already fumbled away their playoff chances this season
Al Bello

Can there be a miracle in the Meadowlands this season? That is a fancy way of asking if the New York Giants, 3-5 and reeling at the halfway point of the season, have any chance of making the playoffs? Theoretically, of course, they do. The odds against that happening, however, are long. Very long.

SB Nation's Ryan Nanni looked at NFL history since the AFL-NFL merger in 1970 and found that this is the 10th time since then that the Giants have started a season 3-5. How many of those first nine times did the Giants make the playoffs? Zero. In that time span only 15 teams across the league have started 3-5 and made the playoffs.

With three straight losses, no victories in five attempts against teams with winning records, and talk turning increasingly to Tom Coughlin and the future direction of the franchise the Giants are showing no signs of being No. 16.

The Giants' odds of reaching the Super Bowl shot from 75-1 to an astronomical 200-1 per Bovada after Monday's loss to the Indianapolis Colts. They aren't off the board entirely, but they are close. Team Rankings projects the Giants with a 9.2 percent chance of reaching the playoffs as a wild card team.

The Giants know the score. There was no brave talk Wednesday of a playoff run. That's smart, since it will probably take 10 wins to make the NFC playoffs, and no one -- except maybe Antrel Rolle -- really believes the Giants can go 7-1 the rest of the way.

"All we can worry about now is trying to figure out how to get better," quarterback Eli Manning said Wednesday.

"We need to decide how we want to finish these last couple games and I think there is no other reason but to finish them all with wins," said Odell Beckham.