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Giants vs. Colts: Pro Football Focus Review

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Sigh. Just bring on the hurt already.

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Have I mentioned how tired I am of the New York Giants losing? Yeah, I'm sick of it. I'm really don't like writing these review pieces after a loss, but it truly is a labor of love.

I'm sure it certainly is no more fun for you, my dear friends and fellow fans. Yet we march forever onwards, for to move forward, once must learn from the past. There were some bright spots, some shining spots in that miserable 40-24 loss to the Indianapolis Colts. They might be drowned out by sadness of other performances, but we do what we can. Let's get on with the analysis.

Why Isn't He Playing More? (Offensive MVP)

Corey Washington (+1.1) - Targeted 5 times, caught 4 for 48 yards and a nice touchdown over the defender. He didn't do much wrong, as he ran his simple routes, used his body to his advantage and played body control. He's the type of guy the Giants should be looking to if they refuse to play match-up football and want to just man up and allow teams to press them.

The Captain Struggles (Offensive GOAT)

Eli Manning (-4.2) - Yes, Manning got the worst grade from the offense. Was it deserved? I don't know, if I could give the entire wide receiving corps a single negative grade they might top his, but he had some badly overthrown balls and poor decisions almost the entire night. He went 0-7 on deep throws, and not all of the onus for that falls on the receivers. He underthrew Beckham on one play, and threw several uncatchable balls elsewhere.

The Run Game Stinks ... and the Pass Game, Too (Offensive Villains)

Justin Pugh (-3.4) and J.D. Walton (-3.4) - They weren't all that bad in pass protection, only three hurries combined allowed from both of them. However, together with John Jerry's run block score of -1.3, the right side of the offensive line had a combined run block grade of -8.4. That's just mind numbingly bad.

Andre Williams (-1.7) - 12 rushes. 22 yards. 1.8 yards per carry. I understand that the offensive line was completely incompetent at run blocking, but Williams only forced one missed tackle and did virtually nothing to help himself.

Larry Donnell (-2.1) - A combination of poor run blocking (tell us something we don't know already) and making almost nothing of his pass catching opportunities led to this grade. At least he didn't fumble this week.

Preston Parker (-1.5) and Rueben Randle (-1.7) - Drop. Run the wrong route. Drop. Run a short route but don't get a first down. Drop. Drop. Don't get open. Run the wrong route. Drop. It's a cycle of pain with these guys, especially with Randle, who was supposed to emerge as this team's quality split end in his 3rd year.

Take A Bow, Sir, For You Did Not Go Quietly In The Night (Defensive MVP)

Robert Ayers (+11.9) - Yes, you read that score right. This was a night of almost epic proportions for Ayers, who had a sack, six QB hits, and six additional QB hurries. That's insane. 13 QB pressures. In only 30 pass rush snaps! For reference, Kiwi only has 17 QB pressures on the year. He was single-handedly keeping the team in the race all of the first half. He must know how it feels to be J.J. Watt now.

The Young Ones Will Rise, One Has Fallen (Key Defensive Contributors)

Johnathan Hankins (+4.6) - I'm almost not sure I believe this score, but looking back, Hankins did make a very strong impact. I was just kind of blinded by Robert Ayers, but to his credit, Hankins destroyed the pocket right next to him and freed up Ayers on a lot of his inside pass rushes. If you have the stomach to watch the game again, you'll notice nobody runs to Hankins' side. All of the big runs go off tackle, usually to the right.

Damontre Moore (+1.2) - This was for his pass rush as Damontre was able to get two QB hits on Andrew Luck on only 15 pass rush snaps. He got 23 snaps, and while that is definitely an improvement, I think it's about time the snaps go up even further. What's there to lose?

Prince Amukamara (+1.4) - Losing Prince hurts almost as much as losing Victor Cruz. He is such a quirky, likeable Giants personality that has played aggressive and solid all year long and had emerged as a quality CB in the league. He gave up one catch to Hakeem Nicks and was pretty much lights out after that. His injury hurts.

A Familiar Face Brings Up The Rear (Defensive GOAT)

Mathias Kiwanuka (-4.1) - As tired as I am of the Giants losing, I'm tired of Kiwanuka in this section. He got 60 (!) snaps, more than any other Giants defensive lineman and only nine less than Damontre Moore and Robert Ayers combined. What. He managed two QB hits on 42 rush snaps and has been one of the least efficient pass rushers in the league. He's been a good soldier, but at some point, you need to consider moving on.

A Failing Among Those Destined To Succeed (Defensive Villains)

Jason Pierre-Paul (-1.6), Antrel Rolle (-1.6), and Jacquian Williams (-3.9) - I lumped the three of these guys together because they are a part of the intrinsic foundation of the New York Giants defense and they all failed. JPP did not get pressure on the QB, notching only two QB hurries in 48 pass rush snaps. That's awful. Antrel and Jacquian's grades are pretty obvious, as the pass coverage on the tight ends in this game were hilariously bad. That being said, I excused Jacquian for a lot of the coverages on Fleener in my "Instant Analysis" post. I'm sticking to that. If we're being honest, I think I switch Quintin Demps' grade (below) with Jacquian's. It's the safeties that are more at fault.

Quintin Demps (-1.6), Markus Kuhn (-2.8), and Jayron Hosley (-2.4) - These three are together because they are a trio of players that are expected to play poorly and indeed live up to expectations. Demps should probably not start, but aside from Stevie Brown, who himself has struggled immensely, who else is there? Hosley is not just the 3rd CB the Giants are forced to start, he's the 3rd SLOT CB, and it shows. He just can't keep up. Kuhn, is well, Kuhn. A 1 technique trapped in a 3 technique's body. That's not a compliment.

Jameel McClain (-2.1) and Zackary Bowman (-1.8) - These are two guys that PFF asserts played poorly, but I happen to disagree. McClain did not have a game worse than Demps or Rolle and while he isn't exactly trustworthy in pass coverage, I thought his work in the run game was well done. Bowman was given the Coby Fleener touchdown on the defensive breakdown after the "non-challenge" which I think is unfair. If we don't include that, he was targeted five times and didn't allow a single catch. I thought he played very, very well.