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Giants Morning Report: Why didn't Coughlin just call timeout?

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New York Giants headlines for Wednesday, 11/5.

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Good morning, New York Giants fans! A little change-up today. Your morning notebook will now be called the 'Giants Morning Report' and, while it will still include links to stories from a variety of other sources around the Internet, might also morph into some other forms as well. We will see where this change leads, hopefully to a little more 'free-form' content to start your Giants day.

Food For Thought

Let's start with this, although I do hate to keep crying over spilt milk. What in the heck was Tom Coughlin, almost always the most prepared man on the planet, doing on the infamous 'challenge flag' play? Coughlin seemed to indicate on Tuesday that he thought he would lose the challenge, but that all he wanted at that point was to stop the Colts, moving at hyper speed, from running the next play. He didn't and the Colts scored about the easiest touchdown an NFL team will ever score.

The obvious solution? Call a timeout. Why didn't Coughlin just do that? "That wasn't the thing that popped in my head at the time," he said.

Stunning. Inexcusable that the players on the field were caught unable to execute the basic fundamental of getting lined up. Stunning, though, that a coach who prides himself on preparation wasn't ready to bail his team out at that moment.

Around The Inter-Google

Antrel Rolle questioned the desire of his teammates after Monday night's game. He was still doing it Tuesday during his weekly appearance on WFAN, saying the team's sideline is "very dead."

"You have to play the game with passion," he said. "We have 53 players. You should never have to talk to another grown man about playing this game with passion . . . I'm not responsible for no other man. I'm responsible for myself. I'm responsible for being a leader and trying to contribute the best I can, I'm responsible for trying to keep things together. I will never ever in this world be responsible for another man's emotions or passion for this game. That's not what it's supposed to be about. Every man has to be accountable for his own actions and right now I'm not seeing every man going out there fighting and scratching and clawing like dogs."

You want doom and gloom? Here is some from Paul Schwartz of the New York Post.

The Giants are hurting every which way. They are losing games and players at an alarming rate and what is devolving into another dismal season is only half over. Eight games down, eight games left and, the way it looks for the reeling Giants, not a great deal to look forward to with any realistic sense of optimism.

ESPN's Dan Graziano says "The final eight games of this Giants season will be about finding out who's part of the solution and who isn't."

Speaking of the solution, Pat Traina has some thoughts on moves the Giants must make to go forward.

Roster Note

Linebacker Nick Becton, who had been on the Giants practice squad, was signed to the New Orleans Saints' 53-man roster on Tuesday.