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NFL Power Rankings, Week 10: Woeful Giants keep sinking

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Giants are on the list, but you have to scroll way down.

Al Bello

So, how bad do media members around the country think the 3-5 New York Giants are? Let's look around at the Week 9 NFL Power Rankings and find out.

SB Nation has the Giants ranked No. 23.

Pat Kirwan of CBS has Big Blue at No. 24, and states the obvious in his analysis:

The Giants are just not good enough to beat good teams. They are now 0-5 against clubs with winning records and 3-0 against teams with losing records.

Pete Prisco of CBS places the Giants at No. 21.

The Washington Post drops the Giants from No. 18 down to No. 21.

ESPN has the Giants at No. 24. has the Giants at No. 22.

Here is the question. With games coming up on the road vs. the Seattle Seahawks, then at home vs. the San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys is it going to get worse for the Giants before it gets better?