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Coughlin Corner: Coach Explains Challenge Flag, Talks Dropped Balls And Injuries

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Tom Coughlin talks to reporters about the challenge flag sequence, injuries, and more.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

In a conference call with reporters on Tuesday, New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin answered a number of questions about the Giants'  Monday Night loss to the Indianapolis Colts.

Coughlin answered a number of questions on a range of topics, from injuries, to his challenge flag gaffe, to dropped balls.

Outside of his opening statement, Coughlin's longest answer came on a question about the sequence where he tried to throw the challenge flag.

"...What happened was in the distraction of whether it was a catch or a non-catch, some of the players did not react to the practiced call, which was...there was a verbal signal." Coughlin said. "The signal meant that after a big play, they certainly almost went for a hurry-up type of play. They rushed up over the ball; there was some distraction with the previous play. People didn't get lined up the way they were supposed to and they ended up with a very easy touchdown."

Coughlin went on to explain what happened with the sock. "I am down by the other end, but I see it clearly, come running down and all of a sudden as I recognize that we are not lined up the way we should be or what have you, I tried to challenge."

However, as we saw, Coughlin was denied the challenge "The official came over and said that it was a catch, it wouldn't be a challenge there."

Ultimately, despite having practiced that situation -- or something like it -- the Giants didn't execute. And Coughlin took the blame for that "It is not an excuse, it should not have happened, it did happen, blame it on me."

The Giants' head coach also addressed the high number of dropped passes against the Colts.

"I am sure there is a lot of talk about it, but when you lose, you are putting everything under the microscope, as it should be." Coughlin said.

He continued to say "The ones that, really to be honest with you, driving it down there in the first half and having a chance to go get a touchdown, rather than a field goal, we had a drop. We had some that were, the ball over the middle, another opportunity there, with Preston Parker, the ball was thrown over his head."

"You can't say all of these things are attributed to it, we did throw the ball a lot last night and we had to. For the most part, we responded well with it, we did not throw an interception. We did have some balls that should have been caught and weren't caught. You don't want that, it shouldn't happen. Some of the other things that happened in the game, quite frankly, were bizarre in nature and shouldn't have happened, either. We strive not to drop a ball, not to fumble a ball, not to do any of those things, and yet in this case, they occur."

Finally Coughlin addressed the injuries to Weston Richburg, Preston Parker, and Jason Pierre-Paul.

Couglin was asked about whether or not Pierre-Paul's sudden appearance on the injury report Saturday had any effect on his performance Monday night.

"It did. There was one occasion when he came off the field and regrouped. He had an incident with that shoulder and he came off and regrouped and then was very anxious to get back in."

Coughlin, however, couldn't say if it was the same shoulder that essentially made 2013 a lost year for the young defensive end. "I am not going to say at this point because I am not exactly sure. I have to check on last year's. We felt that it was something that was very controllable, so quite frankly we didn't think a whole lot about it and perhaps now there will be more emphasis along those lines. I am not going to say which shoulder it is because I would be guessing. I am not sure."

And while the Giants' head coach was fairly optimistic with regards to Preston Parker's ankle, he offered no real answers about the status of Weston Richburg.

"Richburg is having all the tests today. He was the one that required much more to be evaluated. I think that process is still going on. Preston rolled his ankle over and hopefully we can get that one under control."