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Giants-Colts 'Kudos & Wet Willies' Review

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Let's get this over with.

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Robert Ayers zeroes in on Andrew Luck Monday night
Robert Ayers zeroes in on Andrew Luck Monday night
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

You might already be tired of thinking about, reading about and discussing Monday night's awful 40-24 loss by the New York Giants to the Indianapolis Colts. We review games in 'Kudos & Wet Willies' style every day following games, though, and today will be no exception. So, let's get through this.

'Kudos' To ...

Robert Ayers -- The guy was absolutely amazing on Monday night. It's just too bad he couldn't carry his teammates with him. Ayers had six tackles, a sack, seven hits on Colts' quarterback Andrew Luck (the Giants totaled 11) and forced a fumble. He drew a mind-blowing +11.9 grade from Pro Football Focus, which wrote this about the performance:

Ayers channeled J.J. Watt last night, destroying the Colts' interior offensive line in a stunning pass rushing display. A strip sack was paired with half a dozen hits and half a dozen hurries in comfortably the most productive game of his career.

Jacquian Williams -- I have been unconvinced that Williams, despite graduating from nickel linebacker to three-down linebacker, was really an impact player. It is hard to argue with anything the guy did Monday, though, as he registered 17 tackles. At least that shows he was trying.

Odell Beckham -- A career-best eight catches and 156 yards, including a 59-yard catch-and-run. Let's hope there are a lot more games this productive in Beckham's career, and that they come in games that aren't blowout losses.

Peyton Hillis -- Is it a bad thing when Hillis is your most productive running back? Hillis was easily that on Monday, running four times for 20 yards and catching five passes for 50 more.

Tackling of Steve Weatherford and Josh Brown -- It is definitely a bad thing when the two best tackles of the night come from your kickers. Weatherford absolutely drilled Indianapolis punt returner Griff Whalen to end a 15-yard return. Of course, Weatherford wouldn't have had to make the tackle if he hadn't hit a horrid line drive punt that allowed the big return in the first place. Brown ended a Whalen kickoff return that looked destined for big yardage with an excellent solo tackle of his own.

Corey Washington -- Four garbage-time catches and his first NFL touchdown. It wasn't much, but it was something to feel good about.

'Wet Willies' To

Giants Receivers -- Pro Football Focus only has the Giants' receivers credited with two drops on Monday. I'm not sure what PFF considers a drop, but there were a lot more that two passes that should have been caught that ended up hitting the ground. Eli Manning was wild high early, but he made some really good throws later on and the receivers didn't help him at all.

Andre Williams -- Twelve carries, 22 yards, a fumble. The more you watch the more you begin to wonder if all the teams that left him on the board until the fourth round of the 2014 NFL Draft knew something. Hurry back, Rashad Jennings.

Giants' Pass Rush -- Aside from Ayers' amazing night, it was putrid. The Giants tried all manner of blitzes, sometimes sending as many as seven rushers after Luck. None of it seemed to matter. If Ayers didn't get there, nobody did.

Giants' Pass Defense -- Well, this is what happens when you have an injury-riddled secondary and you give one of the best quarterbacks in the world time to throw. The Giants surrendered three touchdown passes of more than 30 yards and eight passes of more than 20 yards en route to giving up a season-worst 349 net passing yards.

The Injury Gods -- Prince Amukamara gone for the season. Weston Richburg carted off and gone for an unknown period of time. Preston Parker leaving MetLife Stadium in a walking boot. You have to be kidding me! "We've lost a player or two in each game, it seems like," head coach Tom Coughlin said.

Justin Pugh -- No doubt the second-round pick is a stand-up guy and will be a quality player for years to come. Monday night marked his second awful performance in three games, however. This time, it was mostly Pugh's run-blocking (-3.7) that left something to be desired. He also committed two penalties.