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Giants-Colts Final Score: Post-game locker room reaction

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What were players saying after the Giants' 40-24 loss to the Colts?

Odell Beckham
Odell Beckham
Al Bello

The New York Giants' locker room was a somber, quiet place following Monday's 40-24 loss to the Indianapolis Colts. Here is some of what players were saying following the Giants' third straight loss.

Offensive tackle Justin Pugh on the struggling offense:

"We can't get behind and become one-dimensional. That definitely is hurting us. We've gotta come out and start faster, run the ball, start doing the things we were doing well when we were winning those games."

Pugh on all of the players the Giants are missing on offense:

"This is the NFL, you've gotta have guys step up, guys have gotta make plays, we've gotta keep moving forward."

Rueben Randle on what is wrong with the offense:

"Didn't catch the ball, hurt ourselves with penalties. Play like that you're not gonna win the game. ... Overall we've gotta come out and do a better job. ... We didn't help ourselves out at all."

Tight end Larry Donnell:

"Gotta score points to win. Defense is doing a pretty good job and we didn't put up enough points to help ‘em."

Quarterback Eli Manning:

"We’ve got to keep fighting. We’ve got to find a way to be better offensively, to find a rhythm. We’re just not helping ourselves. We’re making it tough on ourselves. We’ve got to find a way to move the ball more efficiently as an offense. I’ve got to play better, I’ve got to hit my targets and have a great control of the offense with protections and getting into better plays and doing some things. All around, we’ve got some moving parts and some different guys playing, it’s my job to play better and to raise my level of play and raise their level of play."

Odell Beckham says the offense lacks consistency:

"It’s consistency. It’s really just not making the mistakes that we consistently make, whether it’s the big downs – the third downs. We had a couple of drops. I know I had a couple of drops. The receivers had a couple of drops and they’re just plays we have just got to make. I put that on us and we’ve got to come out next week and make those plays."