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Tony Dungy: Time for Tom Coughlin to step down

Dungy says "it really is" time for the Giants to start over.

Gus Bradley and Tom Coughlin shake hands
Gus Bradley and Tom Coughlin shake hands
Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

Former NFL coach and current NFL analyst Tony Dungy said on NBC's 'Football Night In America' Sunday night that it is time for Tom Coughlin to step down as coach of the New York Giants.

Dungy, Dan Patrick and ex-New England Patriots defensive back Rodney Harrison were discussing the Giants' fall. Harrison, for his part, called for the Giants to move on from Eli Manning.

Here is the exchange:

Patrick: "Time to start over in New York?"

Dungy: "It really is."

Patrick: "Where do you start when you start over?"

Dungy: "I think that you start with the coach, and Tom Coughlin should not be fired. You don't fire coaches that have won two Super Bowls, but he should step down. This is going to be a long-term rebuilding process."

Harrison: "Last week I talked about the Giants needing to play four quarters. Tom Coughlin has been talking about that the entire year. Eli is still making rookie mistakes. They are 3-9 at this point. He is not going to get any better. And an older quarterback like Eli, that's not very athletic, guess what, he gets less athletic the older he gets. It's time to move in a different direction."

Right now it is hard to argue with the notion that it is time to start over. The question the organization must answer is how far it is willing to go to start over.