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Rueben Randle benched by Giants at start of game vs. Jacksonville

No word on why, or whether Randle will play at all.

Rueben Randle
Rueben Randle
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

[UPDATE: Randle told reporters that he was late to a meeting on Friday, which is why he did not start.]

[UPDATE: Randle is in the game at the start of the second quarter for the Giants.]

Wide receiver Ruben Randle did not start Sunday for the New York Giants, and through two series has not yet appeared against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Preston Parker started, and both Kevin Ogletree and Corey Washington have been in the game.

Conor Orr of referred to the Randle move as a "suspension." Orr, though, added that he does not anticipate the Randle benching to last the entire game.

It certainly doesn't seem Randle is expecting to play any time soon.

Randle, a third-year player, leads the Giants with 53 receptions. More information on this when it becomes available. We will see if Randle eventually gets into the game.