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Giants at Jaguars 2014, Week 13: Big Blue View Staff Picks

Will the Giants win Sunday? Your Big Blue View staff says ....

Jaxson, the Jaguars mascot
Jaxson, the Jaguars mascot
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Can the New York Giants break their six-game losing streak on Sunday? If they are ever going to win again, a game against the 1-10 Jacksonville Jaguars would appear to be the perfect opportunity. Here are your Big Bluew View staff picks for this one.


This might be the first time the New York Giants could actually be the better team than their opponent. The Jaguars are a young, but talented team. However, like the Giants, they are still very much a work in progress, working against past draft day mistakes and taking a step back to improve their roster. Unlike the Giants, however, they have a young QB struggling like any young QB might.

I think you'll see a much improved offensive line if Justin Pugh comes back and Schwartz goes back to playing guard. I think you'll see another Odell Beckham dominant performance. He's only had 100 yard games in 3 of the last 4 games (and that one game he had 93). Finally, I think you'll see a defensive line exert some form of pressure on a weakened Jaguars OL.

This week, I'm picking the Giants with the caveat that anything can and will happen with this team so don't be surprised if they lose.

Pick: Giants 27, Jaguars 17


The New York Football Giants can beat the Jacksonville Jaguars, right? I mean, even with their injury-savaged roster they have more talent than the Jags, right?

I think they do.

The Jags' pass rush scares me, especially their defensive tackles against the Giants' interior offensive line. But this is a game the Giants just should not lose. Of course, four times now we've seen them winning games going into the 4th quarter, then just forget how to football. Against Arizona, San Francisco, and twice against Dallas, the Giants were in position to win, then fell short for one reason or another.

But against bad teams, they have dominated, and Jags might be the worst team in the league. I'm not going to predict a rout, but I am going to pick the Giants to win.

Winner: Giants

Jesse Bartolis

(From Jesse's Week 13 picks against the point spread)

Would it potentially be better for the Giants to lose out every game the rest of the season to secure a higher draft pick? Sure. Could I logically hope for that outcome? Sure. When the game starts is there any chance I actually root for a Giants loss? Hell to the No.

The Giants have had a habit of beating up poor teams over the past two years (while losing consistently to the good ones) because they still have a terrific (yet mistake prone) quarterback who can have a 350 yards 4 TD performance at a moments notice (hopefully 200 of those yards to OBJ!). This is a guy who won't miss games with separated shoulders, plantar fascitis, or any other nagging injuries. He loves the game and he wants to win. The Jaguars might be a team on the uptick, but they are a bad team now and the Giants haven't won in a long time, it's not like they are over-looking anyone.

Pick: Giants win big

Valentine's View

I guess I will be the bad guy here (that never happens, right?). No 3-8 team riding a six-game losing streak can get unanimous support as the winner on Sunday, even against the Junior Varsity Jaguars, who are 1-10. This is a game the Giants should win. The Jaguars have been underdogs now in 40 -- yes, 40!! -- straight games.It's a game they need to win -- in Jacksonville, a historic game for their long-time head coach, all that. Which means it has disaster written all over it.

The Giants, when it's all said and done, probably will win Sunday. There is just no way I am picking them to win a game again until they actually do it.

Pick: Jaguars

The Picks

'Invictus' -- Giants
'Raptor' -- Giants
Jesse -- Giants
Ed -- Jaguars