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Giants-Colts Halftime Score: Giants trail Colts, 16-3

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The Giants and Colts have reached halftime. Here is your second-half open thread.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- The New York Giants are not putting on a good show for Michael Strahan and the legions of ex-Giants greats who are at MetLife Stadium Monday night to witness Strahan receiver his Hall of Fame ring. The Giants trail, 16-3.

Colts' field goal kicker Adam Vinatieri kicked three first-half field goals, two 48-yarders and a 31-yarder.

An embarrassing lowlight for the Giants came in the second quarter. A 32-yard pass to Coby Fleener that was obviously dropped was ruled a completion. Before Giants coach Tom Coughlin could throw the challenge flag Andrew Luck threw a 32-yard touchdown pass to a wide open Fleener. The Giants appeared to be caught not ready for the snap and Fleener was completely uncovered along the right sideline.

The Giants only score of the half came on a 38-yard field goal by Josh Brown.

Eli Manning is only 9-of-23 for 97 yards. The Giants have not helped Manning, dropping several passes.

Injury Notes

The Giants lost cornerback Prince Amukamara to a biceps injury in the second quarter. He will not return.