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Michael Strahan Ring Ceremony: Giants honor No. 92 one more time

Strahan to be honored at halftime of Monday Night Football game.

Fans received Strahan 92 towels at MetLife Stadium Monday night
Fans received Strahan 92 towels at MetLife Stadium Monday night

Former New York Giants great Michael Strahan received his Hall of Fame Ring during a halftime ceremony Monday night at MetLife Stadium.

Strahan is the 20th Hall of Famer who spent all or a significant portion of his career with the Giants. He spent 15 seasons with the Giants, compiling a franchise record 141.5 sacks and being named first-team All-Pro four times.

Strahan has, of course, made a career out of television work since retiring. He co-hosts Live with Kelly and Michael, is a special co-host on Good Morning America and is an NFL analyst for FOX Sports.

"I never thought about this. I just thought about playing and doing the best I could and let the chips fall where they may and they’ve all fallen into place. Believe me, there’s still a part of me that wishes I could put on a uniform and come out here and play tonight," Strahan said before Monday night's game. "I’d love to sack Andrew Luck. The problem is catching Andrew Luck."

Around 100 former Giants came out to honor Strahan, including Hall of Famers Lawrence Taylor and Frank Gifford. About a half-hour before kickoff the Giants sideline was an absolute mob scene.

"It’s something that’s overwhelming in a lot of ways, and to have the other Hall of Famers here with me as well… I never thought about any of it. You realize what you miss when you stop playing. What you miss is you do miss the guys. You miss that more than anything. You miss coming out of the tunnels with the fans," Strahan said. "But when it’s all said and done you kind of figure that that’s the relationship that you kind of had and you don’t know if you’ll ever see a lot of the guys again. But to have these guys get called and say of course they’ll come and fly from out of town, a lot of them long distances to be here, really means the world to me and lets me know that our relationships that we had were real and it makes you appreciate the game and sports and teamwork and just camaraderie."

Michael Strahan

Michael Strahan on the sideline before Monday night's game. [Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports]