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Eli Manning: Is he next Giants' player to become a Hall of Famer?

Somehow, what Manning is or is not is always part of the debate around the Giants.

Eli Manning and Michael Strahan at the Hall of Fame Game.
Eli Manning and Michael Strahan at the Hall of Fame Game.
Jason Miller

Indianapolis Colts coach Chuck Pagano said last week that New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning is "obviously going to end up in the Hall of Fame." New York Post columnist George Willis believes Manning still has more to do to ensure enshrinement.

The Giants are, of course, honoring their latest Hall of fame enshrinee, Michael Strahan, Monday night when he is presented with his Hall of Fame Ring. We debated Manning's -- and Tom Coughlin's -- Hall of Fame worthiness when Strahan was officially enshrined back in August.

At that time, our poll indicated that 61 percent (527 of 868 voters) thought both would get in.

Speaking specifically about Manning, my view aligns more closely with that of Willis. Here is what I wrote back in August:

Manning is also in the 'merits consideration' category. He also, however, is no sure thing. Does his starring role in two incredible Super Bowl upsets outweigh his regular-season mediocrity? Perhaps, perhaps not. There are likely many chapters of Manning's career to be written yet, so it seems unlikely there can be a definitive answer now.

I am not going to poll this again, but I will ask the question. At this point in time do you believe Manning has done enough to be a Hall of Famer?