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Giants vs. Colts 2014: Experts give Giants no chance to win

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It seems no one thinks the Giants can win Monday night.

Melina Vastola-US PRESSWIRE

It seems like no one is giving the New York Giants much of a chance Monday night against the Indianapolis Colts. All of you Big Blue View staff members have picked the Colts to win. Media experts from around the Internet are pretty much in agreement that the Colts win have little trouble dispatching the Giants at MetLife Stadium.

-- says Colts win, 34-23

-- Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk says Colts 23, Giants 17.

-- Vinnie Iyer of The Sporting News says Colts 27, Giants 20. Iyer says the Giants defense is "falling apart" and "will continue to tank."

-- Eleven of 14 ESPN analysts polled picked the Colts to win Monday.

-- All seven USA Today analysts picked the Colts.

-- Three of five analysts at FOX Sports are going with the Colts.

-- Seven of nine analysts at CBS Sports are predicting a Colts victory.

-- Don Banks of Sports Illustrated says Colts 27, Giants 21.

So, Giants fans. It seems no one has faith in your team. That certainly sounds familiar.