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Giants vs. Colts 2014: Big Blue View Staff Picks

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Who will win Monday night? See what the Big Blue View staff thinks.

Al Bello

Can the New York Giants, 3-point underdogs to the Indianapolis Colts, pull off an upset they desperately need on Monday night? Let's see what your Big Blue View staff members think in this week's Big Blue View Staff Picks.

Valentine's View

This is a game the Giants could win. They are rested, coming off their bye week. They will be at home, with the emotion of the Michael Strahan Hall of Fame Ring Ceremony to help them. They are desperate, more desperate than the Colts despite Indianapolis's 51-34 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers last week. Problem is, they are wounded and they really aren't as good as the Colts right now. In fact, they haven't shown yet that they are as good as any of the NFL's true contenders.

The Giants are 0-4 against teams with winning records and 3-0 against teams who are .500 or below. That has to change if the Giants are going to make a run for a playoff spot it change Monday night. Honestly, I would not be shocked if it does. I can't, however, pick the Giants in a game like this one until they actually prove they can beat a team of this caliber.

Pick: Colts


All of the questions that the Giants faced about coaching, about injuries, about talent...none of that have been allayed by this relatively quiet bye week. Rashad Jennings and Geoff Schwartz will still not play and we still don't really know what's going on with Dominique Rodgers - Cromartie. The Indianapolis Colts will be coming into this game buzzing and angry. They have an offense whose WORST receiver that sees time is Hakeem Nicks and have long time New York Giant spark plug Ahmad Bradshaw. The Giants don't stand a chance, do they?

Not so fast. I still believe this team has talent. I still believe this team hasn't given up. The bye week will have helped those that had minor aches and pains and they had an extra few days to prepare specifically for the Colts. Will all of that help? Absolutely. That being said, I'm not picking the Giants to win. My heart says they will, but this poor ticker has been burned many a time before.

Pick: Colts 35, Giants 24


This is going to be one of those games. It seems like every game could be "one of those games" any more, but this one feels like it could go either way. The Giants could suffer a tough loss or they could stun the world with a win.

There are some match-ups that I love for the Giants on paper: JPP and Hankins should have the upper hand, and Gosder Cherilus has struggled against athletic edge rusher all season *coughcough*Da'Montre Moore*coughcough*. Likewise, if the offensive line was able to use the bye week to regroup and return to their winning level of play, I like the Giants to win the battle in the trenches on both sides of the ball. Also, I definitely like the Eli (and friends) against the Colts' secondary.

On the other hand, the Colts have a ton of weapons, including two talented and athletic tight ends (something the Giants happen to be last in the league defending). Oh, and that Andrew Luck kid is pretty good at football. I like to think that Luck is what you would get if you gave Eli Manning Cam Newton's physical abilities. He'll give the other team the ball, but he's also never out of the game. Not to mention, the Giants have really struggled to contain mobile quarterbacks this season.

I really could see this game going either way. It wouldn't surprise me if the Giants come out of their bye week swinging, and Eli finally beats the Colts. But I'm going to go against the home team here.

Pick: Colts

Jesse Bartolis

(From Jesse's weekly picks against the spread)

I don't see any way in which the Giants defense can stop the Colts offense. I also don't like that the Colts are coming off a blowout loss to the Steelers. They are less likely to stumble here I think with that in mind. Maybe the Giants coming off the bye have a big defensive performance in them, but this team has laid more than it's fair share of eggs in big prime time games the last few years. The Colts offense is scary, and it doesn't help that it always seems players coming back to play against their former teams have something extra in their tank. Hakeem Nicks has done essentially nothing this year, but it just seems like the kind of game where he hauls in a touchdown pass or two. The Colts are leaning on Bradshaw now with Trent Richardson banged up and he is responding. The Colts defense isn't great but it's average and that's all they need. This is a tough game, but who knows what Monday night has in store for us.

Pick: Colts

The Picks

It's a clean sweep, and it doesn't show any faith in Big Blue .

Ed: Colts
'Invictus': Colts
'Raptor': Colts
Jesse: Colts