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Ben McAdoo talks offensive line, Odell Beckham

McAdoo's weekly presser heavy on talk about offensive line

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Here are some of the highlights from New York Giants offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo's weekly meeting with rpeorters on Friday.

On breakdowns in pass protection ...

"Anytime you are struggling to run the ball and not be inconsistent there, it makes pass protection more difficult. When they know you have to throw it, they can pin their ears back and come after you a little bit more. That makes it a challenge there, come after you a little more. It goes back to the run game; we need to run the ball more consistently."

On why the line hasn't been able to open holes consistently in the run game ...

"It is a variety of things. It is not always the line. The line, it is easy to point fingers at those guys. It is not always the same guy. It is a different position group, whether it is the five guys up front, whether it is the tight ends, whether it is the backs, the fullback position, there is enough blame to go around, receivers are involved in there, too. Eli Manning has to keep us in a great place, it just goes down to consistency and everyone doing their job, not trying to do too much, but being physical and winning their one on one match-up, first and foremost."

On how Odell Beckham is handling all of the added attention ...

"He seems to me that he is staying humble and doing a nice job there. He is doing a good job preparing for this game this week. ... We are going to continue to treat him like a pro. He has earned that, and that is how he carries himself, and he has been staying humble and that is as great a challenge with all the attention you get."