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Robert Griffin III as successor to Eli Manning? Are you kidding me?

Yes, there are people who believe this is a good idea.

Robert Griffin III
Robert Griffin III
Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Robert Griffin III should be the next quarterback for the New York Giants. At least he should be if you agree with some of the crazies on Twitter who are proposing that the Giants either a) trade Eli Manning to the Washington Redskins for RGIII or b) bring in Griffin as Manning's next season and then give him the job when Manning's contract runs out after next season.

The only way I can react to that is to say that it might be the worst idea in the history of ideas. The day will come when the Giants have to replace Manning who, despite the recent losing and the 27-interception 2013 season, is the best quarterback the franchise has ever had. How can anyone think that Griffin, an already disgraced, broken down shell of the star he was as a rookie in 2012, is a guy who can lead the Giants back to the top of the mountain?

Sure, the Redskins surprisingly won the division in 2012 when Griffin could basically just outrun everybody, and outrun the fact that in truth he never has been a very good quarterback.

The guy has been benched two straight years in favor of career nobody quarterbacks Kirk Cousins and Colt McCoy. He got one coach, Mike Shanahan, who didn't have the organizational juice to push him out the door, fired. A brand new coach already wants nothing to do with him. That's the only way you can read this comment from first-year Washington coach Jay Gruden, who said Griffin was "not even close to [being] good enough [for] what we expect from the quarterback position."


Griffin isn't the explosive athlete he was when he came into the league. A knee injury and the savage beating he has taken from being an athlete first and a quarterback second have taken care of that.

The Washington Post writes this about Griffin:

Far from the magnetic superstar with the sprinter's speed and a persona that made him millions from Madison Avenue before he took his first NFL snap, he now appears a shell of his former self, broken of body and spirit. ...

By the end of this season, Griffin will have made $17.85 million from the Redskins for three seasons' worth of labor but at a steep physical toll: one concussion, one reconstructive knee surgery, one dislocated ankle.

The Olympic-caliber athlete who in the signature play of his rookie season shot through a gap against Minnesota and sprinted to a 76-yard touchdown is long gone, replaced by a halting, limping man who has been sacked four times per game this season and who seems to get up more gingerly with each crushing blow.

None of that even touches on Griffin's off-field mis-steps, his diva-like reputation, his penchant for passing blame rather than accepting it, the idea that he has had a different set of rules with Daniel Snyder and the Redskins than his teammates.

This is a guy some people think should take over the reins of the Giants from Manning? Unbelievable!

I can fully accept the idea that some believe it is time for the Giants to begin figuring out what an Eli-less future will look like, although I think it is more likely that the Giants extend  Manning after this season and try to rebuild around him for the next few seasons.

The idea that RGIII should be the guy to help the Giants pick up the pieces, though? The guy can't even pick up the pieces of his own shattered career at this point. Let RGIII be the New York Jets problem. Or the Tampa Bay Buccaneers problem. Or another Chip Kelly reclamation effort. This is one headache the Giants don't need.