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Giants Morning Report: Beckham, Tyree debate catches

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New York Giants headlines for Thursday, 11/27.

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Happy Thanksgiving, New York Giants fans! Here is your Turkey Day Giants Morning Report.

Beckham, Tyree debate catches

Odell Beckham is still insisting that the 'helmet catch' by David Tyree in the Super Bowl was better than his one-handed grab Sunday vs. the Dallas Cowboys. Tyree and Beckham have been debating the merits of each catch.

"He was like, ‘You know, it may be better than mine,'" Beckham said today. "And I'm telling him, ‘No way, yours was in the Super Bowl. Period. Mine was just in a regular season game.' I still have to give my hats off to him for that."

Tyree called Beckham's grab "superhuman."

Eli Manning, who threw both passes, won't choose.

"David was in the situation of a Super Bowl and it was very impressive with a guy all over him," Manning said. "Odell was very impressive also. Both of them were tremendous plays and were pretty spectacular athletic plays and determination."

Jameel McClain: It's about pride, respect

At 3-8, Giants linebacker Jameel McClain said this is a time where players can learn a lot about each other.

"This is where I am judging you the most and you should judge me the most when you are fighting just for pride and just for respect and see how much pride and respect you have in yourself, you have in this organization, and you have in this city. We are going to go out there, give your all and give 100 percent, and whoever doesn't, I am going to be looking at them.

"I will be looking around at everything, I will be looking at the players, I will be looking at the fans, I will be looking at myself extra hard to make sure I am doing everything to let everyone know I have no quit in me."

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