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Things Giants fans should be thankful for on Thanksgiving Day

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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Giants fans, don't forget to always be thankful for the Jets
Giants fans, don't forget to always be thankful for the Jets
Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! Enjoy the day and don't worry about the moribund New York Giants and their 3-8 record. It is what it is, and there are more important things in life than the won-loss record of the football team you root for. Spend the day stuffing yourself with turkey and enjoying your family.

As I send you on your way today, here are some Giants things to be thankful for.

Odell Beckham -- Because, of course, it is Beckham's world and we are just living in it. By the way, better new name for this site -- BigBlueBeckham's or BigBeckhamView?

The Internet ... and Photoshop -- Without them, how would the world have celebrated Beckham's great catch? We wouldn't have awesome memes like these ... and even more like these.

Four Super Bowl titles -- Including two during the Tom Coughlin era. I always remind people of this. No matter how rough the past few seasons have been, the Giants already have what many fan bases would love to have -- championships. So, remember that it isn't all bad.

Only Having Five More Games -- This season can't end fast enough. I still believe the future is brighter than the present. Just be thankful this season is closer to the finish line than the starting line.

The New York Jets -- As bad as things get for the Giants, the Jets even more ridiculous. Rex Ryan and the gang always manage screw things up enough to deflect some of the heat.