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Coughlin wishes for a do-over on final defensive series

Coach addresses why Robert Ayers, the team's leader in sacks, was not on the field for the final drive.

Al Bello/Getty Images

Why couldn't the New York Giants generate more pressure -- well, really an pressure at all -- against Dallas cowboys quarterback Tony Romo on Sunday night's game-winning (game-losing for the Giants) drive in the closing moments? Why wasn't the Giants leader in sacks (Robert Ayers) in the game? Why wasn't pass-rushing defensive end Damontre Moore in the game?

Those things have been debated at length by Giants fans today, including here at Big Blue View.

Coughlin said that "sound thinking" went into how the Giants utilized their defensive linemen on the last series, but that "those things have been discussed long and hard in meeting rooms today."

"You'd love to be able to do it over," Coughlin added.

The Giants, of course can't do it over. Coughlin was not about to say who was ultimately responsible for which defensive linemen were used in the final series. Whether it was his call or not, and which four were in the game almost certainly was not, he will take the blame.

There is no way, however, that the thinking was sound in that spot. The Cowboys needed a touchdown. The clock was running out. They need to throw to get it. The Giants were trying to rush with four, and they didn't put their best four on the field.

Inexplicable. And inexcusable.