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Cowboys 31, Giants 28: 'Kudos & Wet Willies' Review

Let's get to our traditional 'Kudos & Wet Willies' review

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Eli Manning reacts after his third-quarter interception
Eli Manning reacts after his third-quarter interception
Al Bello/Getty Images

The New York Giants played an NFL game Sunday night. They lost it. We're getting used to that, as it seems to be what usually happens. The Giants have lost six straight games, fallen to 3-8 this season and are now 13-22 since the middle of the 2012 season. Let's review the carnage of Sunday's gut-wrenching 31-28 loss to the Dallas Cowboys in our traditional 'Kudos & Wet Willies' style.

Kudos To ...

Odell Beckham -- What can be said that hasn't been said already? Lost in the euphoria over the 43-yard touchdown catch, one of the best you will ever see, is that the rookie had another fantastic game from start to finish. Ten catches for 146 yards and two touchdowns. Only one incompletion thrown in his direction all night. The guy catches everything, and he is virtually unguardable. Here's a question: How bad must the rest of the Giants be if they have a player doing what Beckham is doing -- 31 catches now over the past four games -- and they still can't win?

Since we're all Beckham all the time (should we rename the site Big Blue Beckham?) here's a quick review of all of Sunday night's Beckham coverage:

-- The greatest catch of all time

-- Beckham's catch is what everyone wants to talk about

-- You can try, but you can't cover Beckham

-- It's Odell's world, and everyone wants to be part of it

-- Internet Photoshop madness ensues after Beckham catch

Geoff Schwartz -- Playing his first game since dislocating his toe in the Giants' fourth preseason game, and playing out of position at right tackle, Schwartz played admirably. One of the two sacks of Eli Manning and four pressures were assigned to Schwartz, but he played well. His effort, which included a team-best +2.9 run-blocking score from Pro Football Focus [subscription required], gives hope that when he moves inside to guard where he belongs he can have a real impact on the struggling offensive line.

PFF pointed out that Andre Williams' 18-yard run, the Giants' longest of the night, was sprung by a Schwartz block.

Wet Willies To ...

Perry Fewell -- Seriously, I already went over this so I'm not going to do it again. Fewell has to be here, though. Markus Kuhn and Mike Patterson alternating during the final drive, when the Giants were rushing four men and not blitzing at all. Robert Ayers and Damontre Moore on the bench? What was Fewell thinking? Doesn't matter, because whatever he was thinking he was wrong. Under Fewell's direction the Giants simply can't get stops often enough at critical times, and there are too many moments, like last night's final drive, when you wonder what is going through the man's mind. See? I said I wasn't going to rant again.

It really isn't worth giving out any other 'Wet Willies.' Jayron Hosley got smoked for a 45-yard touchdown, but Hosley has no business even playing, so what can you expect? Adam Snyder wasn't good in his first, and maybe last, start for the Giants on the offensive line. I won't spoil Invictus' review of PFF scores, but tight end Larry Donnell took a massive hit for poor run-blocking.

Kwillies To ...

Eli Manning -- Had a nice bounce back game after his five-interception, going 29-of-40 (72.5 percent) for 338 yards and three touchdowns. His passer rating was 112.3. There was, however, that one costly, errant throw. His high pass to a wide-open Preston Parker that turned into an interception cost the Giants at least three points, quite possibly seven, and set the Cowboys up for a go-ahead score in the third quarter.

"Just high, just threw it high," Manning said.

Such is the state of the Giants. They can't beat good teams unless they are perfect. Manning played well, but he wasn't perfect. The Giants needed perfection.

The three TD passes, incidentally, made Manning the 16th quarterback in NFL history with at least 250 touchdown passes.

Mathias Kiwanuka -- A typically low PFF grade (-2.3) but he did have a sack and forced fumble.