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Giants-Cowboys Halftime Score: Giants lead Cowboys, 21-10

The Giants and Cowboys have reached halftime. Use this as your second-half open thread.

Odell Beckham makes an incredible 43-yard touchdown catch
Odell Beckham makes an incredible 43-yard touchdown catch
Al Bello/Getty Images

In a first half that can only be described as The Odell Beckham Jr. Show the New York Giants lead the Dallas Cowboys at halftime, 21-10.

Beckham caught eight passes for 125 yards and two touchdowns in the first half, including the catch below for a 43-yard score.

I don't know how you make a better catch than that.

For good measure, here is Beckham celebrating his first touchdown, a relatively pedestrian 3-yard grab:

The Giants' third touchdown came on a 4-yard run by rookie Andre Williams, one play after Dallas lost a 'down by contact' challenge on a potential Williams fumble.

The Giants scored on a pair of 80-yard drives, and a 66-yard drive.

Dallas' only score of the half came on a 38-yard Dan Bailey field goal. Dallas also got a 4-yard touchdown pass from Tony Romo to Jason Witten.

Eli Manning, rebounding from last week's five-interception performance, is 14-of-16 for 191 yards, two touchdowns to Beckham and a passer rating of 156.0.