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Sunday Afternoon Open Thread

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Your open thread to talk about the Sunday afternoon NFL games.

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Happy Sunday New York Giants fans!

As you know, the New York Giants don't play until Sunday Night Football tonight. Fortunately, there are two batches of games to help you while away the time until the Giants take the field against the Dallas Cowboys.

There aren't many games headlining the early slate. The game of most interest to Giants' fans is probably the Tennessee Titans at Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles look to be overwhelming favorites, but after seeing the 0-10 Raiders beat the 7-3 Chiefs, and with a Thanksgiving game against the Cowboys looming, a win by the Titans could happen.

The story of the day is, of course, the AFC East matchup between the Jets and Bills. The game has officially been moved to Ford Field in Detroit and will be played on Monday night. Adding to the drama, the sheer amount of snow that has fallen in and around Buffalo that has kept the team from practicing, could force the Bills to have to play without a 53-man roster, as some of their players simply can't get out of their homes.

Coincidentally that is where the Giants wound up playing the Vikings when the Metrodome collapsed from a brutal snow storm.

-1:00 p.m. games-

Browns at Falcons (CBS)

Buccaneers at Bears (Fox)

Bengals at Texans (CBS)

Lions at Patriots (Fox)

Packers at Vikings (Fox)

Jaguars at Colts (CBS)

Titans at Eagles (CBS)

For the Giants, the 4:00 games are a bit more interesting. The Giants still have a glimmer of hope of making the playoffs, and each of these games could have an effect on those dim hopes.

-4:00 p.m. Games-

Rams at Chargers (Fox)

Cardinals at Seahawks (Fox)

Dolphins at Broncos (CBS)

Redskins at 49ers (CBS)

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As always, use this for your open thread to talk about this afternoon's NFL action. Let us know what game you're watching or what you're watching for.