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Week 11 Power Mock: Giants Crack The Top 10

Just how far did the Giants rise after their 5th straight loss?

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Good morning New York Giants fans!

It's time once again for your Big Blue View Power Mock. After their 5th straight loss the Giants have cracked the top-10 in our Power Mock order.

As usual, the order is based on the aggregate power rankings provided by Real Clear Sports. If the season ended today the Giants would be drafting 7th overall, but since this is, at its heart, a way to make weekly power rankings more fun, we're using those.

And as such, the Bills do get a first round pick, despite trading theirs away to the Browns for Sammy Watkins.

One more note before we get to the drafting: Jesse is tagging in for Invictus this week. We're hoping to get a three-way mock going soon, which should really shake things up.

The Mock

1) Oakland Raiders (LT: 1 - Randy Gregory)

Randy Gregory (DE/OLB, Nebraska) - This is after trying to trade down. If they are not able to trade down could they pass on Mariota? That would be a difficult decision to make. The Raiders signed Justin Tuck and Lamaar Woodley because they knew they needed to upgrade their pass rush, but both of those players are stop gaps who are on their downsides of their career. Pairing Gregory with Mack could give the Raiders one of the best pass rushing duos in the league moving forward. - (Jesse)

2) Jacksonville Jaguars (LT: 2 - Brandon Scherff)

Andrus Peat (OT, Stanford) - Once again, the Jags get an offensive lineman to try to keep the heat off of Blake Bortles. - (Raptor)

3) Washington Redskins (LT: 7 - Shane Ray)

Leonard Williams (DT, USC) - - (Jesse)

Williams has versatility for the Redskins scheme. The question here is will the Redskins give RG3 another year? It'd be tough to abandon Griffin now after spending 3 first round picks on him. The Redskins offense has playmakers with Garcon and Jackson, Morris. They have some pass rushers Kerrigan and Orakpo, and their front isn't bad but presents the best value/need selection here if they are not going to take a quarterback.

4) Tennessee Titans (LT: 4 - Amari Cooper)

Amari Cooper (WR, Alabama) - The Titans could have gone for Marcus Mariota here, but Mettengerger showed enough against the Steelers to earn another shot. Instead they get him a polished, dependable, and talented receiver. -(Raptor)

5) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (LT: 3 - Marcus Mariota)

Marcus Mariota (QB, Oregon) - (Jesse)

The Buccaneers are lucky to have Mariota available here and they can't pass on him. They signed Josh Mcgown because they didn't believe Glennon could be their guy at quarterback, but he hasn't been impressive. They add Mariota to their offense and it could be dynamic with his dual threat ability and their big, talented receiving options. Great pick here for the Buccaneers.

6) New York Jets (LT: 6 - Andrus Peat)

Jameis Winston (QB, FSU) - Can the Jets go back to Geno Smith? Does anyone think Vick is their QB of the future? Winston would need to be thoroughly checked out off the field, and his decisions on the field have been troubling, but he has a tremendous amount of talent... And his persona is pure "Jets"-(Raptor)

7) Carolina Panthers (LT: 8 - Dante Fowler Jr)

Kevin White (WR, WVU) - (Jesse)

Kelvin Benjamin has made a nice impact for the Panthers this year having lead rookie wide receivers in touchdowns, yards and receptions for most of the year (Cooks now has one more reception and Evans recently passed him in yards), but does anyone even know who the Panthers second WR is?  They need another option there.

8) New York Giants (LT: 10 - Shaq Thompson)

Shane Ray (DE/OLB, Mizzou) - This is a pick we agonized over. The players who could help the Giants the most are off the board (Leonard Williams, Amari Cooper, and Kevin White), Taking an offensive tackle doesn't really fit here because none of the remaining ones are better than Will Beatty, or even really good enough to justify moving Justin Pugh inside. And with both potential franchise QBs gone, we couldn't engineer a trade back to where the players who fit the Giants best are a good value. So, we took the highest rated pass rusher left.

Ray isn't as polished as Vic Beasley, but his athleticism is simply otherworldly. The fit isn't great with Perry Fewell as defensive coordinator, but it's a perfect fit if the Giants make the change to a DC who is more aggressive and would use him like Von Miller or Bruce Irvin - (Consensus)

9) Minnesota Vikings (LT: 12 - Alvin "Bud" Dupree)

La'El Collins (OT/G, LSU) - Norv Turner is an offensive coordinator who likes to attack vertically. Collins can play inside or out, and keep pressure away from Teddy Bridgewater. His power will also help keep the Vikings' running game alive and kicking. - (Raptor)

10) Chicago Bears (LT: 5 - Leonard Williams)

Malcolm Brown (DT, Texas) - (Jesse)

Brown is not listed this high often but I think is a guy who ends up being drafted earlier than expected. He's really coming along now for the Longhorns. Aaron Donald last year had 28 tackles for loss and 11.5 sacks. and Brown will end up with numbers that are half that but he's 6'3 320 pounds. Watch for him as a fast-riser leading up to the draft.

11) Atlanta Falcons (LT: 9 - Shawn Oakman)

Vic Beasley (OLB, Clemson) - Once again, we play Wheel Of Pass Rushers with Atlanta. Beasley is the pick because he could be a terrific speed rusher in a 34 defense. If the Falcons switch to a 43 or hybrid defense, Fowler, Oakman, or Dupree would be better fits - (Raptor)

12) New Orleans Saints (LT: 14 - Benardrick McKinney)

Brandon Scherff (OT, Iowa) - (Jesse)

Terron Armstead has been good, but the rest of the Saints line has been disappointing this year. I considered pass rusher or DB here, but the Saints dline has actually been pretty good this year and they have added Jarius Byrd and Kenny Vaccaro the past two years and I don't love any of the cornerbacks available here. Scherff can come in and start at RT.

13) St. Louis Rams (LT: 11 - Kevin White)

Melvin Gordon (RB, Wisconsin) - Who is going to play QB for the Rams? Sam Bradford is paid to be their franchise QB, but he just can't stay healthy. Austin Davis shows some nice things, but not consistently. Melvin Gordon is a true difference maker at RB. He's coming off a 408 yard game. In 3 quarters. On 25 carries (16.32 yard per carry). That should make life easier for whoever is under center - (Raptor)

14) Buffalo Bills (LT: 15 - Cody Prewitt)

Trae Waynes (CB, Michigan St.) - (Jesse)

I tried to draft Jim Kelly, but wasn't able to. The Bills have a very good team, they just have terrible quarterback play. They could look to improve their CB Depth. They need a better Tight end and their OL hasn't played exceptionally well this year but they have two talented young players there and there are no TE to pick here.

15) Cleveland Browns (LT: 22 - Tyrus Thompson)

Benardrick McKinney (ILB, Miss. St.) - With Karlos Dansby dealing with a knee sprain (and is 33 in any event) the Browns suddenly have a hole at inside linebacker. Christian Kirksey is a nice player, but do they really want to count on Tank Carder? - (Raptor)

16) Houston Texans (LT: 13 - Cedric Ogbuehi)

Cody Prewitt (S, Ole Miss) - (Jesse)

The Texans like the Bills biggest problem is that they don't have good quarterback play. They take the rangy Prewitt here to shore up the back end of their defense.

17) San Diego Chargers (LT: 16 - Davante Parker)

Eddie Goldman (DT, FSU) - The Chargers have a stout defense, but they have 6 defensive linemen entering free agency by 2016. Goldman is a disruptive lineman who can play in any front.- (Raptor)

18) Pittsburgh Steelers (LT: 19 - Landon Collins)

Landon Collins (S, Alabama) - (Jesse)

Troy Polamalu, through he may try, can't play forever. Collins is one of the best players left and gives the Steelers a guy who can try to replace Polamalu after he retires.

19) Baltimore Ravens (LT: 21 - Vic Beasley)

Shaq Thompson (LB, Washington) - The Ravens could easily go receiver here, and DaVante Parker wouldn't be a bad pick at all with Torry Smith entering free agency. However, when you think of the Ravens, you think of defense. Shaq Thompson would be a terror on the same defense as Hiloti Ngata, C.J. Mosley, Terrell Suggs, and Elvis Dumervil. Also, the value is just too high for a GM like Ozzie Newsome to pass up. - (Raptor)

20) Miami Dolphins (LT: 18 - Eddie Goldman)

DaVante Parker (WR, Louisville) - (Jesse)

The Dolphins went heavy on OL fixes last year and it's helped their run game and their overall toughness on offense. They still don't make a lot of big plays on offense though despite having Mike Wallace. Adding Parker could open up some things for Wallace and help the Tannehill continue to improve.

21) Cincinnati Bengals (LT: 17 - Trae Waynes)

Tyrus Thompson (OT, Oklahoma) - Thompson is going to be a riser come draft time. He is a big, polished lineman who can be Cincy's left tackle of the future. - (Raptor)

22) San Francisco 49ers (LT: 20 - La'El Collins)

Cedric Ogbuehi (OL, TAMU) - (Jesse)

The 49ers have some decisions to make about their offensive lines this off-season as Mike Iupati is a free agent as well as Alex Boone who will be a free agent in 2016. Ogbuehi hasn't played great this year after showing a ton of promise the year before, he might be better suited as a guard in the NFL but that's where the 49ers will need help anyway.

23) Seattle Seahawks (LT: 23 - Michael Bennett)

Danny Shelton (DT, Washington) - Once again, with Brandon Mebane out the Seahawks could use another disruptive presence on their defensive line. Shelton isn't as good of a run stuffer as his massive frame would suggest, but 330 pounders just shouldn't be as quick as he is. - (Raptor)

24) Indianapolis Colts (LT: 27 - Todd Gurley)

Dante Fowler Jr. (DE/OLB, Florida) - (Jesse)

Werner is finally showing some promise this year, but Robert Mathis is at the end of his career and the Colts could use him. Fowler, also happens to be the best player available with a fully intact ACL.

25) Detroit Lions (LT: 28 - Ifo Ekpre-Olomu)

Ifo Ekpre-Olomu (CB, Oregon) - As ever, the Lions need a help in their defensive secondary. Ifo falls because of size concern, but he is a fluid, talented, and feisty cover corner. - (Raptor)

26) Philadelphia Eagles (LT: 29 - Derron Smith)

Alvin "Bud" Dupree (DE, Kentucky) - (Jesse)

Too good of value to pass up here. The Eagles could also consider WR, but they seem to like what Jordan Matthews is offering.

27) Dallas Cowboys (LT: 24 - Eric Kendricks)

Marcus Peters (CB) - The Cowboys have invested heavily in the CB position, but it still needs to be reinforced. Peters could be the best corner in the draft, but getting dismissed from Washington due to insubordination is going to torpedo his stock. Luckily for him, Jerry Jones won't shy away from a potential problem child. - (Raptor)

28) Kansas City Chiefs (LT: 25 - P.J. Williams)

Devin Funchess (WR, Michigan) - (Jesse)

The Chiefs have not completed a touchdown pass to a WR the entire year! Bowe is a good player, but they need more from that position. Funchess is a TE? WR? Flex player? Doesn't matter. He's talented and provides the Chiefs with another offensive weapon which they need.

29) Denver Broncos (LT: 30 - Melvin Gordon)

Eric Kendricks (ILB, UCLA) - The need in the middle of the Broncos defense is a great as ever. With Nate Irving on injured reserve, they are getting desperate for a MIKE linebacker. Kendricks is undersized, but extremely active. He should thrive with Peyton Manning putting up points. - (Raptor)

30) Green Bay Packers (LT: 26 - Denzel Perryman)

Shawn Oakman (DE, Baylor) - (Jesse)

Oakman has a ton of upside and though he's not a typical Packers pick I wasn't sure where to go here so I just took the best player.

31) Arizona Cardinals (LT: 31 - Arik Armstead)

Michael Bennett (DT, Ohio St.) - Darnel Dockett is getting up there in age, and Dan Williams is a free agent. Bennett is suited to be either an undersized 3-technique or a 5-technique (defensive end in a 3-man front). He is a disruptive player who should fit well in Todd Bowles' hyper-aggressive defense. - (Raptor)

32)  New England Patriots (LT: 32 - Jaelen Strong)

Jaelen Strong (WR, Arizona St.) - (Jesse)

Brandon LaFell? Danny Amendonla? Julian Edelman? Which of these guys strikes fear into an opponent? None. The offense really struggled when Gronkowski was out because these guys don't cut it. Adding a talented receiver here could help provide insurance the Patriots offense doesn't come to a stand still if/when Gronkwoski has to miss extended time.

There you have it. As usual, let us know what you liked and what you didn't.

Games & Prospects To Watch

And here are some games to keep an eye on today:

(25) Minnesota at (23) Nebraska (ESPN, noon) - Players to watch: Randy Gregory (DE/OLB, Nebraska), Ameer Abdullah (RB, Nebraska), Maxx Williams (TE, Minnestoa)

(15) Arizona at (17) Utah (ESPN, 3:30) - Players to watch: DeVontae Booker (RB, Utah), Gionni Paul (LB, Utah), Nick Wilson (RB, Arizona)

(16) Wisconsin at Iowa (ESPN2/ABC, 3:30) - Players to watch: Melvin Gordon (RB, Wisconsin), Carl Davis (DT, Iowa), Drew Ott (DE, Iowa), Brandon Scherff (OT, Iowa)

(24) Louisville at Notre Dame (NBC, 3:00) - Players to watch: DeVante Parker (WR, Louisville), Gerod Holliman (FS, Louisville), John Miller (OG, Louisville), Matthias Farley (CB, Notre Dame),

Oklahoma St. at (7) Baylor (Fox, 7:30) - Players to watch: Tyreek Hill (WR/KR, OK St.), Shawn Oakman (DE, Baylor)

(19) USC at (9) UCLA (ABC, 8:00) - Players to watch: Leonard Williams (DT, USC), Nelson Agholor (WR, USC), Eric Kendricks (LB, UCLA), Brett Hundley (QB, UCLA)