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Coughlin addresses mentality of team, Manning's poor game

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Highlights of Coughlin's weekly chat with Michael Eisen.

Tom Coughlin
Tom Coughlin
Elsa/Getty Images

New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin addressed a wide variety of topics in his weekly exclusive chat with Michael Eisen of Here are a couple of highlights of Coughlin's remarks.

On dealing with a team that is losing ...

"I'm very straightforward with what and why, but I am definitely supportive and I am definitely going to... the players are going to know that what I always say is it's not about me. It's about the team and where the team is and what in the world can I do to help this team be better than we are. That's the approach. Because we have a lot of people that we haven't been through it with before. Where they are mentally is a concern to me, because if everybody is on the same page, then we can make progress. But they have to recognize, too, they have to eliminate the idea of the self-defense mechanism, join in in whatever capacity they are responsible and get it better, make it better, be honest about it."

On getting past last week's loss to San Francisco ...

"How do you let go of this one? The ball's at the four-yard line, you're number five or six in the green zone scoring touchdowns. Jeez. A lot of it is accomplished with the things that we did. Larry Donnell has been a huge part of that. I guess we've decided to make everything so hard. Athletically, you just have to make the play. But yeah, four shots from the four and the game is on the line? Jeez, somebody step up and do it. Just do it for us."

On what he says to Eli Manning after a poor game ...

"He knows. I say basically what I would say to any one individual in the Monday meeting as I analyze the yeas and the nays. You're not going to win a game turning the ball over five times. Look at how many times we were denied. It's just too many. Punting gives you field position, you'd rather do that."