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Giants' OC Ben McAdoo not in an apologetic mood

McAdoo defends play-calling vs. 49ers.

Al Bello/Getty Images

After Eli Manning's five-interception debacle against the San Francisco 49ers, and some play-calling that has been questioned in recent days, you had to know that things might be a little tense when New York Giants offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo met the media for his weekly press gathering on Thursday.

It certainly seems like that was the case. McAdoo has been criticized for the Giants' use of three consecutive failed fade passes from the 4-yard line on Sunday during a fourth-quarter series when they could have taken the lead.

"I'm not going to stand up here and apologize for the play calling," McAdoo said. "I have faith in the perimeter players to go up and make those plays one-on-one and if we go out and we have the same set of plays and the same circumstance I'll take those match-ups any day."

McAdoo referred to the match-ups multiple times.

"I think that I will take those matchups any day of the week. I'd take them last week and I'll take them again this week. I have confidence and faith in those guys that they will go up and make the play," McAdoo said.

Here is McAdoo talking about the interceptions by Manning. As Kevin Gilbride did earlier, McAdoo criticized Manning's decision-making on several of the throws.

"The most important thing from the quarterback position is you need to take care of your decision-making. There are some times when things happen that are out of your control," McAdoo said. "When your decision making is wrong, those are things that can be prevented. There are a couple of those that fell under decision-making, not all of them. Things happen in games and unfortunately they happened in bunches on Sunday. We need to clean those up. But the decision-making, those type of interceptions, we need to eliminate those."