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Giants Injury Report: Justin Pugh misses second straight practice

Geoff Schwartz seems most likely to fill in at right tackle.

Geoff Schewartz
Geoff Schewartz

It is appearing more and more likely that New York Giants right tackle Justin Pugh will miss Sunday's game against the Dallas Cowboys. Pugh, who played only eight snaps vs. the San Francisco 49ers, missed his second straight practice on Thursday.

If Pugh can't play the configuration of the offensive line Sunday night remains a mystery. The Daily News said the "preferred option" would be for Geoff Schwartz, playing his first game of the season after suffering a dislocated toe in preseason, to be the temporary replacement for Pugh. Schwartz has played right tackle before, but he was signed by the Giants to play guard. So, that is not an ideal way for Schwartz to begin his Giants' career. called Schwartz to right tackle the "most likely" option. The Giants could opt for the nuclear option here, more full-scale changes to a line that has been inadequate most of the season, especially in run-blocking, but that doesn't seem like the way the Giants have usually operated during the Tom Coughlin era.

"Two or three guys are rotating through there, rotating out there and rotating inside," said head coach Tom Coughlin.

Ideally, of course, the Giants would like to get both Pugh and Schwartz into the lineup. That, however, is looking like it might have to wait at least another week.

Jacquian Williams (concussion), Cullen Jenkins (calf) and Mathias Kiwanuka (knee) also did not practice.