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Fantasy Football: Start/Sit For Week 12 NFL DFS Thursday Night Game

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The Fantasy Coach, Dennis Esser, takes a look at the Thursday night game between the Oakland Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs and lets you know who should be in your FanDuel lineups.

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Last week we got off to a decent start in DFS with the Miami Dolphins defense on Thursday night, but that performance paled in comparison to the Green Bay Packers defense that helped win multiple individuals over a million dollars.

I'll let you know right now that there are only two Thursday night players that I would consider for my DFS lineups this week and one of those "players" is a defense.

Kansas City Chiefs

Alex Smith (7000) Smith has not been as good as he was last year as the Chiefs have struggled to give him any options at the wide receiver position. Travis Kelce is a tantalizing stack if the Chiefs were forced to throw the ball, but Smith won't have to throw it much to get a win against Oakland. His price couldn't be low enough for me to take a chance on him as he hasn't been able to get over 16 FD points in seven weeks.

Jamaal Charles (9100) Charles is a very interesting play this week as he gets the Oakland Raiders in Oakland.  DFS players have very fond memories of what Charles did last year against the Raiders. The short week has me looking at other top RB options instead of paying up for Charles, but he will be in my Prime Time Lineups.

Dwayne Bowe (6000) Bowe has regressed as a player over the last few years, and now his team relies on the running game instead of throwing it. Even if they do throw it, Smith is more apt to check down to running backs and tight ends then to take chances down field or outside the numbers. Bowe would be an extremely low-upside play and there are too many other players I like this week to entertain playing him.

Travis Kelce (5400) The Chiefs' usage of Kelce has been extremely frustrating for season long fantasy football players and for DFSers.  This week he's a cheap option, but there are other players that are safer at the same price range. Coby Fleener should get the start for the Colts as Dwayne Allen may not be able to go this week and Fleener is 5400 coming of of his massive game against New England. Larry Donnell at 5500 isn't a bad option as well, especially if you're not going to pay up for Jimmy Graham or Rob Gronkowski.

The Chiefs Defense (5400)  The Chiefs Defense is interesting facing the Oakland Raiders, but I will probably pay for the Colts at home instead of the Chiefs on the road. The Chiefs have one of the best, if not the best, home field advantages in the league and that makes them a great DFS play when they are at home in a favorable match up.

As for the the Oakland Raiders ... Don't play any Oakland Raiders in DFS, unless it's a race to the bottom type league. It's been a long time since we could make a case for Andre Holmes, James Jones, or Darren McFadden so it's best to just steer clear.

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