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Giants Morning Report: Talkin' Tiki, Tom and a whole lot more

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New York Giants headlines for Wednesday, 11/19.

Tom Coughlin
Tom Coughlin
Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Good morning, New York Giants fans! Here is your Giants Morning Report for Wednesday.

Talkin' About Tiki

Sorry, can't help it. If you missed Tiki's attack on Daily News columnist Gary Myers is a great listen. Say what you want about Myers, but for my money all Tiki did there was show how bitter he is.

Tiki also went on 'Boomer & Carton' Tuesday and tried to make everyone believe he is objective about Tom Coughlin and the Giants. Sure.

Finally, Daily News media columnist Bob Raissman thinks Myers and Barber should team up. That would be more hilarious than watching Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless yell at each other, especially when the Jerry Springer style fist fight broke out.

Talkin' About Tom

The New York Post reports that there is a "50-50" chance Coughlin will coach the Giants next season.

The Post also refutes speculation that offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo was forced on Coughlin:

"The decision to interview McAdoo was entirely Tom’s and John was not part of the interview process,’’ said a source with knowledge of the hiring process. "John met McAdoo for the first time after Tom hired him.’’

Rather than balk at an entirely new system, Coughlin believed significant change was needed to revitalize the career of Eli Manning and was impressed with McAdoo’s system and his personality. There are rumblings McAdoo came aboard with no assurances — but with at least a tacit understanding — he could be in line to succeed Coughlin, who at the time was 67.

"Not even remotely true,’’ the source said. "You are talking about a position coach being hired for his first coordinator role. How are you going to have a conversation about anything beyond that?’’

Ernie Palladino of WFAN says Coughlin and New York Jets coach Rex Ryan will leave town in different manners --Cougjhlin with a graceful exit and Ryan with a swift kick in the rear.

More Headlines

This one is going to be hard for Giants fans to swallow. Ralph Vacchiano of the Daily News lays out a five-point plan for fixing the Giants that says, basically, the Giants should follow the Cowboys example.

During his weekly spot on WFAN Tuesday, Antrel Rolle said the Giants can "absolutely" win out and finish 9-7. Well, that is mathematically possible.

Pat Traina says the Giants should re-sign Jason Pierre-Paul this off-season.