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NFL Power Rankings Week 12: Are the Jets better than the Giants?

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'Bragging' rights? Which NY team is better?

Michael Heiman/Getty Images

Our weekly look at NFL Power Rankings has come down to this. Can the New York Giants stay ahead of their long-time little brother co-MetLife Stadium owners the New York Jets? That depends on who you ask.

SB Nation has the 3-7 Giants at No. 27, with the 2-8 Jets at No. 25.

Yahoo Sports puts the Giants at No. 26, with the Jets two spots behind at No. 28.

The Daily News answers the question by putting the Giants at No. 25 and the Jets at No. 28.

CBS Sports has the Giants at No. 24 and Gang Green at No. 27.

The Buffalo News has the Giants at No. 25 and the Jets at No. 26.

The Washington Post puts the Jets at No. 27 and the Giants at No. 28.

Really, this isn't anything for either struggling franchise to be proud of. This, however, is what it has come to. Are the reeling Giants actually worse right now than the going-nowhere Jets?