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Tom Coughlin: Geoff Schwartz will be activated by Giants

Offensive lineman to come off short-term IR.

Tom Coughlin addresses the media on Monday
Tom Coughlin addresses the media on Monday

Offensive lineman Geoff Schwartz will be activated today by the New York Giants, suiting up for the first time since suffering a dislocated toe during the preseason, Tom Coughlin confirmed Monday afternoon.Coughlin did not address where Schwartz will play. "I don't have any preference except to get him going," Coughlin said.

Addressing the other offensive line issue, the status of Justin Pugh, Coughlin said Pugh strained his quad before the game vs. the Seattle Seahawks a week ago and played through it. He said the training staff "thought it could be managed because he played the game and didn't seem any worse for wear."

"We didn't think going forward that is was a major issue, that it was controllable, and it ended up being an issue in the game."

Coughlin said the Giants "will deal with it going forward as best we can."

How did Charles Brown play in Pugh's spot?

"Not very well," said Coughlin.

On the sequence at the 4-yard line ...

"Let's face it, we had been ranked in the top 10 in the green zone all year long. It had been one of the things we had done very well.

Coughlin said the fade had been very successful for the Giants and didn't second guess those throws.

"We felt good about those opportunities. In fact, after looking at the tape I thought two of those balls should have been caught.

"The ball's on the 4-yard-line, you've got a chance to win the game. Somebody make a play. Get the ball in the end zone and win. I'll remember that one.

"When he (Beckham) made that spectacular catch I thought 'this is gonna be great. We're gonna win one of those nail-biters.' "

On his input into play-calling ...

"I can do anything I want at any time, and I do." Coughlin would not, however, indicate whether he had over-ruled Ben McAdoo on any play calls in that sequence.

On his distaste for the quarterback sneak ...

"I don't like 'em sticking their neck in the pile I think there's other ways to go about it."

On Eli Manning's awful day ...

"There's no one individual responsible. You can see the one guy, cause he's the guy that threw the ball. I'm not making any excuses for him, either. At this level you're gonna get pressure, you're gonna have people in your face, you're gonna have people at your feet, but you deal with it. In situations sometimes where you're about to release the ball and you feel like you have to hurry you make an errant throw, it becomes a turnover ...

"In a one-score game my preference is not to be throwing the ball that much ... you better be able to rush it. Well, we didn't rush it very well."

On the running game ...

"We game plan the heck out of the run. ... I'd like to tell you that you should stay there and pound away those 1-yard runs, but third-and-eight, third-and-seven after two runs, you just don't have an inclination to want to be in that position. So you pick your spots for the runs, and at the end of the day there's not many of 'em.

"I don't know if it's execution as much as it comes down to knocking your guy off the line of scrimmage."

Justin Anderson waived

Rookie linebacker Justin Anderson was waived to make room for Schwartz on the roster. Anderson will probably end up back on the practice squad if he clears waivers.