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Pro Football Focus Review: 49ers 16, Giants 10

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The streak hits five losses in a row! Do we win a prize?

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Your New York Giants lost again. Isn't that a surprise? No? Okay.

This time, it's to the San Francisco 49ers, who were trying their hardest to lose the game. Fortunately for them, nobody is better at giving away games than us. We own that 3-7 record with pride.

Time to take a look at the Pro Football Focus review of this game:

He's Not As Bad As You Think (Offensive MVP)

Rueben Randle (+2.7) - I don't know that Randle should've gotten this big of a grade, but I do agree that he had a good game. He made tough catches in traffic, repeatedly made catches converting 1st downs, and averaged 16 yards per catch. He was the target on three interceptions, but on at least two of those, it was not his fault. On Eli's second interception, he hit Michael Wilhoite right in the chest after the ball slipped through his hand after double clutching. Another was Eli throwing way in front of Randle before he even got to make his break (and that was due to Brown whiffing on Aaron Lynch, therefore forcing a hurried and inaccurate throw).

Randle did most of his damage in the slot, which is where I've wanted him all along. Manufacture a free release for him vs. small CBs inside, simplify routes, and you get the type of production he got this time. It's what the Philadelphia Eagles do with Jordan Matthews, and it works.

Go Home (Offensive GOAT)

Charles Brown (-7.9) and John Jerry (-7.1) - Two for the price of one this week! You read those grades right, a combined -15.0 for the right side of the line. Man, the Giants miss Justin Pugh and Geoff Schwartz right now. They allowed a combined two sacks, two hits, and 14 hurries in JUST THIS GAME. Ludicrous. Hard to believe James Brewer and Brandon Mosley couldn't have done better. What a mess. Eli is going to get killed if these guys start next week.

These Guys Torpedo'ed Too (Offensive Villains)

Rashad Jennings (-4.9) - Not a pretty come back for Jennings, as he averaged 3.3 yards per carry, forcing no missed tackles. He also had 4 catches for....8 yards. Also dropped two passes. Really, just an inefficient, forgettable performance.

Eli Manning (-3.7) - He had good targets to throw to, as Randle, Beckham, and even Larry Donnell stepped up, but he made some crucial misses as his accuracy was not on point. He wasn't helped by a poor offensive line at all, which is why he isn't the worst graded player. In years past, Eli's greatest strength was looking off defenders and going through his progressions lightning fast. That's all but gone as I noticed he locked on to his first target on almost every pass play.

Weston Richburg (-2.6) and J.D. Walton (-1.1) - Richburg was great in pass protection but he was punked in the run game. Walton just generally was mediocre in both, but ended up with the 2nd highest grade on the OL behind Will Beatty. Kind of surprising. It was not a banner day for this OL, who hasn't had one since blanking the Atlanta Falcons.

Preston Parker (-1.2) and Larry Donnell (-1.7) - Parker decided not to show up on offense this game, as he only ended up with 1 catch. One thing I will say about him though is that I liked him at kick off returns. Maybe he should stay there. Donnell, of course, stank in the run block game, though if you go back to my film study last year, you'll know that it's nothing new.

Every Dog Has His Day (Defensive MVP)

Mike Patterson (+1.7) - Patterson has been having a rough go of it this season. He's a good guy, so it's nice to see him atop the leaderboard for at least a game. He made some good plays against the run game and that's where the grade comes from. The 49ers didn't get much going inside.

THE BEEZERS! THE BEEZERS! (Defensive Contributors)

Devon Kennard (+1.4) - Behind only Jameel McClain for the team lead in tackles with 8, Kennard stepped up with Jacquian Williams hurt. He was strong against the run and he seems to have a bright future ahead. He had 55 snaps, so he was almost a 3 down linebacker for them.

Mark Herzlich (+1.1) - A positive grade in pass coverage combined with a massive six defensive stops, even the eye test from Sunday's game approves of Herzlich getting some love today. He was a pleasant surprise and was everywhere. Good for him.

Going Down the Toilet (Defensive GOAT)

Jason Pierre-Paul (-2.1) - This marks the third game in a row with a negative grade for Jason Pierre-Paul. He had only 1 QB hurry in 32 pass rush attempts which was actually a lot worse than Mathias Kiwanuka. That's embarrassing. I don't know whether he's hurt or doesn't care anymore, but he's not helping all that much.

Secondary Pains (Defensive Villains)

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (-1.4) - His grade mostly comes from run defense, in which all the Giants on the edges struggled. It's reasonable, as DRC was brought in to cover, and not tackle. He covers okay, but nobody will every confuse him for Troy Polamalu in the run game.

Zackary Bowman (-1.1) - I will continue to be confused as to why Bowman gets negative grades for pass coverage. That was all of his negative grade. He allowed only one catch on four targets for 13 yards. So I don't understand this grade. I thought he played well on Sunday.