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Giants-49ers Final Score: Post-Game Quotebook

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What were the Giants saying after Sunday's loss to the San Francisco 49ers?

Even Santa couldn't bring the Giants a victory on Sunday
Even Santa couldn't bring the Giants a victory on Sunday
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Five straight losses. A 3-7 record. Losses against all seven teams with winning records they have faced this season. A five-interception game by quarterback Eli Manning that flushed a great chance for an upset down the interception drain. What were the Giants saying after the game?

Here is a sampling:

Head coach Tom Coughlin on the failed series of plays from the 4-yard line that ended the Giants' chance for a victory:

"Four shots from the 4-yard line - it's inexcusable that we didn't score. You're talking about a team that's, what, sixth in the league in the green zone? We hit that ball to Larry [Donnell] a number of times and he comes back down on his shoulder and drops the ball. We tried to hit Rueben [Randle] with the first one and [Odell] Beckham with the second one. In hindsight, we should've run the ball. We've done a good job in the green zone. We've done a good job in the tight green zone. It's just that today in this particular situation - I could be standing here 17-16, but instead we're standing here with a loss."

Coughlin on where the Giants go from here:

"I was pleased and proud of the way they played. They should have their heads up. They battled. We'll have another opportunity next week. We can't feel sorry for ourselves and hang our heads. No one person in the locker room feels worse than another one. You're not going to win a game turning the ball over five times - I can guarantee you that. We need to bounce back, and now we've had a defensive fiasco; we've had an offensive fiasco. Perhaps maybe now we'll be able to go and put something together."

Quarterback Eli Manning on not scoring in that goal-to-go situation:

"You have four downs from the three-yard line, you expect to be able to score in that scenario. Disappointed, disappointed in myself. I could have thrown some better passes, some better balls. We could have made a play and gotten the lead right there."

Manning on the losing streak:

"It's tough to lose a game. It's tough to lose this many in a row, especially one like this where you felt like you were right in it. The defense played well, the offense did some good things. Get down three yards away from taking the lead and can't execute in that moment, so that's going to be hard to swallow but we've got to bounce back and figure out a way to get a win."

Defensive end Robert Ayers on the losing streak:

"The season is still going. We have six more games. That's all I care about. All I know is we have six more games and we need to try and win those. We are just trying to get it going in those six more games and we need to win them. ... Losing sucks. Winning feels great. They all hurt the same, we have to learn from it and keep moving forward. We have six more games."

Running back Rashad Jennings on a failed fourth-and-inches play in the third quarter, and the offense in general:

"I told you all before, I didn't make enough plays. The ball is in my hands and I have to make the play. ... Every play is huge because it leads to the next one. It stopped the momentum and it stopped the drive to possibly put points on the board. Our defense played very well. They kept on giving us a chance throughout the whole game. As an offensive unit, we feel like we let the team down."

Odell Beckham on why he slammed his helmet to the turf after the final play:

"I just love this game. Sometimes it’s hard to control your emotions when you’re in the heat of battle. Something I shouldn’t have done, but it is just part of the game."

Antrel Rolle on the virtual certainty that the Giants won't make the playoffs:

"We all wish to make it to the postseason. I’m not even sure right now if it’s attainable or not. This game to me is bigger than a postseason or a Super Bowl. It’s bigger than any accolades that can ever be presented to you. This game is about passion and being a competitor. Once you do that, everything else takes care of itself. The game is played for pride and for passion. We go out there and try to be the best that we can be and let the rest unfold on its own."