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Giants-49ers Final Score: 'Bad Eli' still exists, and the Internet still enjoys it

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Eli Manning threw five interceptions on Sunday, and the Manning-haters across the Internet threw a party celebrating them.

We usually do a 'five things we learned' post following New York Giants' games. After Sunday's loss to the San Francisco 49ers, though, we can sum up what we learned in one sentence. The 'Bad' Eli Manning still exists, and the Internet loves it when he shows up.

It took 10 games of the Ben McAdoo era as offensive coordinator for that to happen, but during Sunday's 16-10 loss to the 49ers, 'Bad Eli' made a disastrous appearance. Boy, did he ever! Manning tossed five interceptions, could easily have thrown a sixth that went off the hands of a defensive back, flung a ball straight up into the air while falling down that went for an incompletion, and had a fumble.

After throwing only six interceptions in nine games, only two in the previous seven games, and playing the most efficient regular-season football of his career the past two months, Manning imploded Sunday. The Giants have been losing games this season despite the solid play of their quarterback. Sunday, they lost because of him.

"I've gotta be better, make better decisions and better throws. They're all on me," Manning said. "I'm disappointed in myself."

The Internet, though, never seems to be disappointed when Manning struggles.

That was Manning's second interception. It cost the Giants at least a field goal opportunity, since it came at the San Francisco 14-yard line. Manning said he tried to pull back rather than throw a contest pass to Rueben Randle, but ended up throwing an ugly interception.

There's always a Manning Face.

The final pick, and the final nail in the Giants' coffin.

There was also, of course, some Twitter vitriol.

Here are all five Manning interceptions in one not so glorious GIF.

Head coach Tom Coughlin said that Manning "had played very well, had been under control" until Sunday afternoon's debacle.

Manning himself said he "didn't expect it" after having been efficient through nine games.

The calls for Manning to be replaced as Giants' quarterback are sure to come after Sunday's miserable performance. There will be plenty of debate over whether Manning can ever really be a top-notch, winning quarterback again. There will be calls for the Giants to draft a new franchise quarterback. There is plenty of time for that, months and months in fact.

For now? Might as well just enjoy what the Internet can do with a Manning implosion.