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Bill Parcells: Giants neither talented enough, nor playing hard enough

Parcells joins the chorus.

Bill Parcells
Bill Parcells
Ron Antonelli

Former New York Giants coach Bill Parcells said Friday on the Michael Kay Show that the Giants are neither talented enough nor playing hard enough right now to be a good NFL team.

On the talent level:

"There is a chance — and I’m getting around to this line of thinking, particularly defensively — that the Giants just don’t have enough players to play well," Parcells said. "I’m really at the point where, with the guys who have gotten hurt — Prince [Amukamara] got hurt there at the corner I think he was probably their best defensive back — they just look like they don’t have enough players to go around. They don’t get much pressure on the quarterback. They don’t stop the run. I just don’t think they’ve got enough right now to compete at a high level."

On the effort level:

"I saw one guy, I won't say his name, because I don't think I should be doing that, near the end of the game, Marshawn Lynch is going over the goal line and this guy had a chance at him [on Lynch's fourth TD] and this guy doesn't take it," Parcells said. "That would bother me a great deal."

Parcells isn't the first guy to say either of those things. Just look at the podcast list from the Kay Show. ESPN's Dan Graziano and ex-Giant Shaun O'Hara have both said the same thing. Perhaps, though, the opinion carries more weight when it comes froma  guy with the credibility of Parcells.