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Ben McAdoo, Giants expect increased focus on Odell Beckham

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Rookie wide receiver has made a splash the past two weeks. Will it continue?

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

With 15 catches for 264 yards over the past two weeks, including some impressive work against Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks, rookie wide receiver Odell Beckham has certainly made his presence felt the past two weeks. Giant offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo know that the rookie's success will bring increased attention from opposing defenses.

"We anticipate moving forward that teams are going to make an effort to minimize his production," McAdoo said.

The Giants, however, will continue to make getting the ball to Beckham a focal point of their offense.

"You don't ever want to let someone talk you out of going to one of your players. You want to be able to use all of your personnel. At the same point in time, you like to spread the ball around and get everyone to get there touches."

Here are some of the other topics McAdoo addressed Thursday during his weekly meeting with reporters.

On the inconsistency of the offensive line ...

"The offensive line is performing like the rest of the offense at this point. There are signs of good execution, there are signs of good productivity, there are signs of being physical, and there are signs of not producing what they are capable of producing. We need to be consistent the whole way across the board and that is a big part of the challenge right now."

On whether he has 'loosened the reigns' on Eli Manning ...

"No, we don't change the way we read things. We may highlight certain things, but at the end of the day, we have our reads, we stick to them."

On the interception Manning threw vs. the Seahawks ...

"... he doubled-clutched and he just needs to move on to his check down there, and got hung up. It is a decision he would like to have back and other than that, he played pretty well. ... He needs to listen to his feet and move through the progression and never make that decision that late."