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Perry Fewell: 'We'll Crawl Out'

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Perry Fewell talked to the media Thursday afternoon, and you can guess what the topic of conversation was.

Al Bello

New York Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell spoke to the media Thursday afternoon. Unsurprisingly the topic of conversation was Giants' woeful performance against the Seattle Seahawks and the looming game against the San Francisco 49ers.

The first topic addressed by Fewell was the lack of execution by the defense against the Seattle offense. Fewell said "I don't think [the Seahawks] did anything we didn't expect them to do. We didn't play some things that we had practiced particularly well. I don't think they did anything that we didn't expect them to do." And when asked if there was confusion on the defense, he added "You can look at the tape and see that we weren't executing."

He also commented on whether or not the coaching staff tried to adjust to what Seattle was doing. "We are coaching it every play because when we get on the sideline, we look at the pictures. We are trying to make the adjustments and the corrections at that point in time. You can't make it with the entire group, so individual coaches, individual positions are all talking and we are all trying to make those corrections as we go along. He added "It is very frustrating because we should know how to play that better. It was very frustrating."

Moving on to their preparation for the San Francisco game, Fewell addressed the problems dealing with the 49ers' offense. "This is a very diverse offense. They have a great power running game. You guys know Frank Gore is a strong down-hill runner. They have many personalities. They can also run the read-option. They have an outside-toss sweep game. We divided our time up. Like I said, we took a different approach in how we prepare for each segment of their run game this week." And on Colin Kaepernick in particular, Fewell said that his most concerning dynamic is "His ability to get outside the pocket and throw accurately. He really throws accurately outside the pocket."

Seemingly every week, the Giants have a new injury to contend with. This week it is a concussed Jacquian Williams. Fewell believed that Williams actually played most of the Seahawks game with the concussion. "I would attribute it to that. When we looked at the film, I think it was when Antrel Rolle recovered the fumble at about the 49-yard line. That's when we assume that he got hit. There was nothing different talking to him or communicating with him on the sideline, so no, we couldn't tell anything during the ball game."

That play happened roughly 2:30 into the second quarter.

Moving on from the injury, it appears as though the Giants will use a committee of players to fill in for Williams. "Mark Herzlich will play. Spencer Paysinger will play. We’ll use, in the sub-package, that’s how we’ll use that and then Devon Kennard. We’ll use him also in the sub-package."  Fewell also said that they will be using Quintin Demps and Stevie Brown in the three safety set.

Finally, Fewell, like many of his players, addressed the fact that the Giants now have the worst ranked defense in the league.

"Yeah, I'm personally responsible for everything, for all facets of the defense. I take it personally, sure, but all I know to do is go back to work, how to evaluate as best I can what our players can do and what they do well, try to put them in the positions to have success and offer them success every day and every game." He added "Really, the thing I’m more concerned with is the New York Giants and our players, so the outside criticism and what have you, I kind of block that out because my concern is with improving the New York Giants. We all want the same thing. We want to win, we want to be the best we can possibly be and we’re going to put energy and effort into doing that. So we have seven games. We’re at the 32nd spot right now. We have seven games to crawl out of that spot. We’ll crawl out."

And on what he expects from his defense against San Francisco. "We're competitors, man. You play the game to win. You play the game because you love the game. You play the game to compete. We're going to come and we're going to compete and we're going to get us a victory on Sunday."