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Coughlin Corner: Rashad Jennings won't carry full load

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Highlights of Tom Coughlin's Thursday remarks to the media.

Tom Coughlin
Tom Coughlin
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Here are a few highlights of today's remarks to the media by New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin, including thoughts on the potential return of injured players Rashad Jennings and Geoff Schwartz.

Coughlin on his expectations for Rashad Jennings on Sunday ...

"I don't intend that he would take a full, full load. He and Andre (Williams) will no doubt share the load. I think, after having worked the way he has for a couple of weeks, if we can get to the game and be in the same shape we're in right now, that he'll be able to work."

On when he will know if the Giants will activate Geoff Schwartz for Sunday ...

"I think at the end of the week we will [know]. All eyes are on him this week. His load has been increased again."

On whether he would use Odell Beckham as a kickoff returner ...

"At this point in time, no, I wouldn't. If it was something that came down to something, I might but at this point in time we're happy with him being involved in the punt return."

On the need for more sacks from Jason Pierre-Paul ...

"He's working on it. We work with him every week on helping his technique and studying the opponent and knowing when to do what he does. We certainly need for it to become that way, yeah."