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Giants Morning Report: Harry Carson calls Giants' defensive play an 'embarrassment'

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New York Giants headlines for Thursday, 11/13.

Win McNamee

Good morning, New York Giants fans! Your Giants Morning Report for this Thursday begins with a very angry Harry Carson. During an appearance Wednesday on the Michael Kay Show, the Hall of Fame ex-Giant several times referred to the Giants' defensive play against the Seattle Seahawks last Sunday as an "embarrassment."

How bad was it? Carson, now 60, was embarrassed enough that he wanted a uniform so that he could go out on the field and hit Marshawn Lynch.

"I felt like I wanted to come out of retirement. Somebody needed to stop Mr. Beast Mode and I felt like I'm not gonna arm tackle him, I'm just gonna hit him head up" Carson said. "Those power running backs, those are the guys who I enjoyed playing against. When you have these guys playing power football you've gotta flex your muscles and you've gotta come with it."

To Carson, and just about everyone else watching, the Giants certainly did not "come with it" vs. the Seahawks.

"Their play embarrassed themselves, but it also embarrassed me," Carson said. "As a player who had played with the Giants the Giants have always been known for defense. I played on teams where we took great pride in the way that we played the game from a defensive perspective, and it just wasn't there on Sunday."

Carson would not call out individuals but said it was obvious there were some players "not giving their all, they're not giving their heart, they're not busting their rear end for the entire play."

"Quite frankly it really is an embarrassment," Carson said. "I'm pretty sure that John Mara and the Tisch family are embarrassed by what they saw on the field on Sunday.

"If you're not going to give your all then get the hell off the field."

Carson said he was "not being an apologist for Tom Coughlin or Perry Fewell" but that what he saw on Sunday a player issue, not a coaching one.

"It's all about discipline. I think there were some players who just were not disciplined enough to do their responsibilities and do their job," Carson said. "I think Perry is putting them in the best position. It's up to the players to go out and execute. Coaches can't do but one thing and that is prepare the players. when players go out and they make the same mistakes over and over and over, what are you going to do?"

Maybe, if you're Carson, you put on a uniform and go hit somebody. Even if you are 60 years old.

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