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Giants Morning Report: Jennings expected to play, will Schwartz join him?

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New York Giants headlines for Wednesday, 11/12.

Geoff Schwartz
Geoff Schwartz
[USA Today Sports]

Good morning, New York Giants fans! Here is your Giants Morning Report for Wednesday.

Reinforcements Coming?

The Giants have indicated that running back Rashad Jennings is expected to return to action this week. We should find out today when Tom Coughlin speaks to the media at 11 a.m. ET about the chances of Geoff Schwartz, on short-term IR all season with a dislocated toe, being activated for Sunday's game against San Francisco.

The Giants could simply add Schwartz in the roster spot that will be vacated when the team officially places running back Michael Cox on IR. The Giants could use an additional running back, thougg, with Jennings just coming back and Payton Hillis having suffered a concussion on Sunday.

Around The Inter-Google

Antrel Rolle was blunt, as usual, during his appearance on WFAN Tuesday. He was also blunt when challenged by a fan on Twitter.

Valentine's View: Players are human and it is certainly easy, and understandable, that they get angry when vitriol like this is hurled at them. The best answer, however, is no answer. Nothing good happens when players engage fans like this.

The Giants usual Tuesday workout was heavy on cornerbacks and safeties.

You don't have to be a former NFL player to realize that the Giants played horrific, undisciplined defense on Sunday when they got steamrolled by the Seatle Seahawks. But, when you are you can say stuff like this:

During Russell Wilson's career, no team has defended the read-zone worse than the Giants did Sunday. Their defensive-end contain was asleep, and the recognition and gap integrity by weakside linebacker Jacquian Williams was awful. And when the Giants brought safety Stevie Brown down into the "alley" area Wilson exploited, Brown seemed to forget why he was there and merely filled gaps occupied by teammates. The Giants (3-6) may have played reasonably hard, but they sure didn't play smart.

Gary Myers of the Daily News says Giants coach Tom Coughlin should leave on his own terms before the organization kicks him out.

GM Jerry Reese wants the offense to take more chances. He wants Damontre Moore to get more snaps. Paul Schwartz of the New York Post writes that the coaching staff has "politely ignored his suggestions." He also writes that this is simply how it has always worked with the Giants. Reese may have final say on who makes the roster, but the coaching staff decided who plays.

Conor Orr of says the Giants were fortunate to get Odell Beckham in the NFL Draft because several teams were trying to trade up to get him.

Orr also writes that both coaches and management need to share in the blame for the ship wreck that passes for the Giants' defense these days.